Manado - Adventures of a different kind

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Manado - Adventures of a different kind

It is the eleventh largest island and yet you probably never heard of it. Sulawesi is an exotic island in North-East Indonesia, dotted with fierce volcanoes, spectacular waterfall and unspoiled beaches. North Sulawesi lacks infrastructure and the roads can be terrible, but hey! That's half the fun!

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Volcanoes, beaches, waterfalls & safaris

Image - Lake Tondano
Lake Tondano
Tristan:A stunning turquoise lake nestled in between lush-green volcanoes.
Image - Manadotua Island
Manadotua Island
Tristan:A small island that is great for diving and snorkelling. You may spot Indonesia's exotic animals such as hawksbill turtle, crested macaque nigra monkey or tarsier. You can also rent a bike to go around or even trekking to the peak of Bowon Tehung.
Image - Patokan Beach
Patokan Beach
Tristan:Located around 4 hours drive from Manado's city centre. This beach is flanked by two cliffs, with turquoise lagoon and soft white sand.
Image - Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve
Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve
Tristan:It's a lush forest where you can see tarsiers, macaques, tarantulas, hornbills and kus-kus. You need a guide and better come at 4pm so you can spot some tarsiers. The hike to the forest cost about IDR 100.000
Image - Pulisan Beach
Pulisan Beach
Tristan:A charming white sandy beach, with savanna hill and small cave in the middle of the sea. There are some rocks that you can hike and green forests on the side of the beach. Entrance costs 5-10k IDR.
Image - Lembeh Island
Lembeh Island
Tristan:Lembeh strait is considered by many to be the best sites for muck diving and a paradise for underwater macro photography.
Image - Tekaan Telu Waterfall
Tekaan Telu Waterfall
Tristan:Make sure to ask the locals, as the location on Google Maps is inaccurate. The hike to this waterfall is fierce! Bring mosquito spray and be careful of the snakes. Once you descend into the valley, you will enter a different world with a prehistoric vibe. Massive butterfly swarms and centipedes, that crawl over leaves as big as umbrellas. Not exaggerating here!
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Minahasan Culture and awesome viewpoints

Image - Chapel Bukit Kasih
Chapel Bukit Kasih
Tristan:It's a spiritual centre where people of all religion can gather. On top of the hill, you'll see five different houses of worship, Catholic & Christian church, mosque, and Buddha & Hindu temple. Afterwards, you can have a foot massage in the hot springs at the base..
Image - Manado
Tristan:The Manado Fieste is a festival held once a year every July or August. Expect to see a competition of sport, singing choirs, fashion, drum band, etc from many different countries. You can also try Manado's traditional food, and it's famous sambal dabu-dabu.
Image - Bentenan
Tristan:A small village with magnificent scenery and friendly locals. Keep in mind that Manado has the most helpful people, so you will get the best hospitality!
Image - Soekarno Bridge
Soekarno Bridge
Tristan:Named after Indonesia's first President, this bridge is an iconic landmark of Manado. With a length of more than 1.1 km, you can see Manado Tua Island and its surroundings from the bridge.
Image - Fields Kawasan Mega Mas
Fields Kawasan Mega Mas
Tristan:This place is trendy among locals. It's a long street filled by big malls, bars, night market, cafes, etc with beach on the side.
Image - Tomohon
Tristan:Make sure you come in August to see Tomohon's flower festival. Numerous flowers on the street in Tomohon and there will be a flower parade performed by many people from different countries.

Wonderguide map

  1. Lake Tondano
  2. Manadotua Island
  3. Patokan Beach
  4. Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve
  5. Pulisan Beach
  6. Lembeh Island
  7. Tekaan Telu Waterfall
  8. Chapel Bukit Kasih
  9. Manado
  10. Bentenan
  11. Soekarno Bridge
  12. Fields Kawasan Mega Mas
  13. Tomohon

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