Malta in 5 days

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Bret Clay

Malta in 5 days

Highlights of Malta in 5 days - best explored by car

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Image - Popeye Village
Popeye Village
Bret:After touching down in Malta, make your way to the cutest village! Great for families.
Image - Gozo
Bret:Then take the ferry from the main island of Malta to Gozo (takes approx 25 minutes), you only pay on the way back (car + 2 passengers = 22 euros)
Image - Wied il-Għasri
Wied il-Għasri
Bret:Day 2- Lovely gorge tucked away, go early to avoid the crowds. Great for swimming
Image - Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon
Bret:Day 2- Spend an afternoon/morning here. It is as blue as its name suggests. Remember to grab a pineapple drink!
Image - Blue Hole
Blue Hole
Bret:Day 3 - Visit the blue hole, great spot for diving
Image - Azure Window Ruins
Azure Window Ruins
Bret:Day 3 - The azure window has collapsed but this is right next to the blue hole
Image - Mdina
Bret:Day 4 - After heading back to Malta, spend some time exploring some cities. We chose to visit Mdina - beautiful streets and delicious food, known as the silent city of Malta
Image - Coogi's Restaurant & Tea Garden
Coogi's Restaurant & Tea Garden
Bret:Great restaurant in Mdina
Image - Marsaxlokk Open Market
Marsaxlokk Open Market
Bret:Day 5 - spend a late morning visiting Marsaxlokk, try the seafood here
Image - Roots Restaurant
Roots Restaurant
Bret:One of the best seafood restaurants in Marsaxlokk
Image - Valletta
Bret:Day 5 - choose another city to explore!
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Wonderguide map

  1. Popeye Village
  2. Gozo
  3. Wied il-Għasri
  4. Blue Lagoon
  5. Blue Hole
  6. Azure Window Ruins
  7. Mdina
  8. Coogi's Restaurant & Tea Garden
  9. Marsaxlokk Open Market
  10. Roots Restaurant
  11. Valletta

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