Malang "Paris" van East Java

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Firman Abadi

Things to do in Malang,'paris' van Java

Malang city is a big city in East Java Indonesia that has a variety of tourist vacation destinations, beautiful beaches for surfing, unique culinary variety, family tourism, the best dining places, adventure destinations, ancient historical places, paranormal activity tours, and more beautiful place

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Favourite Restaurant

A Relaxing Place To Eat Drink And Chat

Image - Toko Oen
Toko Oen
Firman:vintage and classic style,Dutch old architecture, is a historical building, good food and special classic style ice cream, comfortable atmosphere, feels like going back to the old days
Image - Bakso President Malang
Bakso President Malang
Firman:Nice meetballs,there is a distinctive taste.I can enjoy meatballs while watching the trains pass by because the location is close to the railroad tracks.
Image - De Kleine Batu
De Kleine Batu
Firman:The evening atmosphere at De Kleine's cafe is so romantic
Image - 15 Celcius The Skylounge
15 Celcius The Skylounge
Firman:Can enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the serene mountain views
Image - Inggil Museum Resto
Inggil Museum Resto
Firman:in addition to being served delicious food, you can enjoy the traditional classical atmosphere of Java cultures, East Java ethnicity in the Dutch colonial period.
Image - Melati Restaurant
Melati Restaurant
Firman:Like its distinctive Chinese decoration and romantic atmosphere of the past, with varied food menus ranging from Javanese, Oriental, Javanese-Dutch, Javanese-China, and French.
Image - Djati Lounge
Djati Lounge
Firman:Have 2 areas indoor and outdoor but I enjoy outdoor,more comfortable atmosphere because it faces directly to the swimming pool.
Image - Gardenia Resto
Gardenia Resto
Firman:Carrying the atmosphere of the garden alias park.
Image - Batavia Resto
Batavia Resto
Firman:like the atmosphere of old Jakarta or Batavia in the Dutch colonial past,Keroncong and modern music from live music adds comfort when enjoying food
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Wonderguide map

  1. Toko Oen
  2. Bakso President Malang
  3. De Kleine Batu
  4. 15 Celcius The Skylounge
  5. Inggil Museum Resto
  6. Melati Restaurant
  7. Djati Lounge
  8. Gardenia Resto
  9. Batavia Resto
  10. Javanine Resto
  11. Javanine 2 Resto

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