Magnificence Phoksundo Lake

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Pragyan Tamang

Magnificence Phoksundo Lake

Pristine Shey Phoksundo lake located at Dolpa, Nepal at altitude of 3589m sbove sea level.

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Places to visit while phoksundo trek.

Image - Shey Phoksundo Lake
Shey Phoksundo Lake
Pragyan:Need total of 5 days to reach there via flight & 6 days via bus. From suligad we start our trek and after 3 days of trekking you'll finlly reach a village name Ringmo which is located at the ridge of Phoksundo lake.
Image - Raju Hotel Kagni
Raju Hotel Kagni
Pragyan:At the very first day of trek we start our trek from Suligad/Dunai. While trekking towards Chhepka we stop at Raju hotel for lunch which provides delicious meals for each and every travellers with great hospitality.
Image - Shey Phoksundo National Park
Shey Phoksundo National Park
Pragyan:While trekking towards Phoksundo lake we enter through Phoksundo National Park. For foreginners they need two types of permit TIMS which you can get at Thamel, kathmandu & National Park Permit which you can issue at kathamndu or at the gate while entering national park.
Image - Kanjirowa Traders and Suppliers with Restaurant
Kanjirowa Traders and Suppliers with Restaurant
Pragyan:This hotel lies in front of the Phoksundo lake. We can get lake view even from our rooms. People of this hotel is friendly, food is good & hospitality is awesome. You can even buy souvenirs made by local of that particular place.
Image - New Welcome Hotel
New Welcome Hotel
Pragyan:This is the 1st overnight place for many trekkers after started trekking towards phoksundo lake. Hospitality & food is top notch. Owner Bal Kumari sister is much entertaining.
Image - Hotel Jharana
Hotel Jharana
Pragyan:After trekking for 4-5hrs from Chhepka we'll reach Jharana hotel which is a comfortable place to overnight for trekkers with good food & hospitality. There very less amounts of hotel at this place but many were under construction at 2021.
Image - Shey Phoksundo Lake View Point
Shey Phoksundo Lake View Point
Pragyan:Hike to Shey Phoksundo view point early morning to avoid high wind in the day time. From 1st view point you can't experience full view of phoksundo lake so trek to 2nd view point from where you can see complete Y shape of phoksundo lake. Which looks mind-blowing and water changes colour according to weather.It takes around 2-3 hrs to reach top view point if you walk continuously.
Image - Bala Tripura Sundari Mandir
Bala Tripura Sundari Mandir
Pragyan:This is a holy place of Dolpo which attracts 20000 of visitor every year. It is said that its structure was built in 12t century. This place gives a nice view of Tripurakot village and junction of three rivers. Devotees pray for beauty and good health.
Image - Jufal Airport
Jufal Airport
Pragyan:If you are planning to visit Dopla via flight than this is the place where you land. Many visitors prefer drive from Jhuphal but you can also trek down towards suligad which takes 3 hrs to reach there. If you take vehicle you can drive towards Dunai and overnight at Dunai.
Image - Blue Sheep Inn
Blue Sheep Inn
Pragyan:If you take a flight from Nepalgunj than this place is for you. You'll land at Juphal you can trek/drive towards Dunai hotel Blue sheep Inn which is the best hotel of this locality which provides good food,good hospitality and excellent accommodation for international and domestic tourist.For tomorrow you can trek towards Chhepka from Dunai as well side by side of Thuli Bheri river. Which is one of the major rivers of Nepal.
Image - Radi Jiula
Radi Jiula
Pragyan:If your a bus traveller travelling towards Dolpa than this the fist place for overnight. You can get bus directly from Ktm-Radi bazar.From radi bazar to Tallo bagar to Aathbiskot to Tripurakot and Tripurakot to Suligad and start your trek towards Chhepka.
Image - Gongabu Bus Park
Gongabu Bus Park
Pragyan:For bus travellers travelling towards Dolpa than you can get a bus ticket from here towards Radi bazar directly. Not only for Dolpo you can get bus ticket for various regions of Nepal.
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  1. Shey Phoksundo Lake
  2. Raju Hotel Kagni
  3. Shey Phoksundo National Park
  4. Kanjirowa Traders and Suppliers with Restaurant
  5. New Welcome Hotel
  6. Hotel Jharana
  7. Shey Phoksundo Lake View Point
  8. Bala Tripura Sundari Mandir
  9. Jufal Airport
  10. Blue Sheep Inn
  11. Radi Jiula
  12. Gongabu Bus Park

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