Luxembourg - a lesser visited gem

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Luxembourg - a lesser visited gem

One of my favourite countries in Europe, Luxembourg is a nice first place to go if you're starting travelling alone. But at the same time, it's a great place for anyone who has travelled alot, especially as a more quiet stop between tourist filled places in countries near by. Sadly, this gem of a co

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My Recommendations

Image - Grund
Kira:Arrive in the city by train or bus, first head down, stroll around and take in the lower part of town - Grund. This place also looks fab at night and it's a nice place to have a drink.
Image - Chemin de la Corniche
Chemin de la Corniche
Kira:From the lift it's a short walk to visit the prettiest balcony in the world. Nice walk and many pretty photo opportunities.
Image - Echternach
Kira:Beautiful town on the border to Germany, head here to go on the Müllerthal trail, but take time to see the town too while you're there.
Image - Casemates du Bock
Casemates du Bock
Kira:Then head back to see the casemates. One of the main tourist spots for a reason, head here for some fascinating history of Luxembourg and some more great views.
Image - Pfaffenthal Lift / Aufzug/ Scenic lift
Pfaffenthal Lift / Aufzug/ Scenic lift
Kira:From Grund, take a walk to pretty Pfaffenthal and take the glass elevator for some fab views. At the top there's a small glass bit at the end to the side of the lift door, head there for a nice photo and if you get takeaway food and aren't too fussy i can 100% recommend this as a spot to eat, beautiful views in sunny weather and a nice cover in the rain. Move out of the way and offer to take people's photos while you're eating and you're bound to have some nice conversations and maybe even meet some people to explore the city with, it definitely worked for me!
Image - Youth Hostel
Youth Hostel
Kira:Very nice hostel in a central location, due to lack of many places to stay this is not your typical 'full of backpackers in their 20s', but you can find people of all ages. Well priced and easy to meet people for next day exploring. If you meet someone who speaks German or French also stick to this person as it can be a bother to find signs in the city that are only in those and Luxembourgish. I sure can say I was happy to know those languages and happily spent time explaining things about the city to others.
Image - Mullerthal Trail
Mullerthal Trail
Kira:One of my fave hikes, a nice break from the city. The different rock formations are absolutely stunning, bring a flashlight to explore all the cracks in the rocks and infinite photo opportunities. I started in Echternach when I walked but there are multiple potential starting points.
Image - Vianden
Kira:Beautiful day trip from the city, pretty town, take the chairlift, visit the castle, go hiking or just stroll around the town
Image - Der Sessellift
Der Sessellift
Kira:Because chairlifts are always amazing and give me a bit of home away from home(I'm Swiss so I grew up with these) but even for non-chairlift-nerds this is a great experience, nice views and saves you some walking.
Image - Lac de la Haute-Sûre
Lac de la Haute-Sûre
Kira:All the water sports you could want!
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Wonderguide map

  1. Grund
  2. Chemin de la Corniche
  3. Echternach
  4. Casemates du Bock
  5. Pfaffenthal Lift / Aufzug/ Scenic lift
  6. Youth Hostel
  7. Mullerthal Trail
  8. Vianden
  9. Der Sessellift
  10. Lac de la Haute-Sûre

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