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Lumbini is a small town in Nepal, known as the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism. It's one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Buddhists and attracts visitors from all over the world who come to pay their respects to the historical and cultural significance.

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8:00 AM

Pick up from your hotel or resort in Lumbini

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8:30 AM

Arrival at Lumbini Sacred Garden, the birthplace of Lord Buddha

9:00 AM

Visit to Maya Devi Temple, the exact spot where Buddha was born 9:00 AM

10:00 AM

Tour of the sacred garden to see the various monasteries, temples, and monuments built by different countries

11:00 AM

Visit to the World Peace Pagoda, a large stupa built by the Japanese Buddhists to promote peace and harmony

12:00 PM

Lunch break at a local restaurant

1:00 PM

Visit to the Lumbini Museum to learn about the

2:00 PM

Tour of the nearby monasteries, including the Tibetan Monastery and the International Gautami Nuns' monastery

3:00 PM

Visit to the Ashoka Pillar, an ancient inscription that marks the birthplace of Buddha

4:00 PM

Sunset viewing at the sacred garden

5:00 PM

Drop-off at your hotel or resort

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