Lucca city

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Lucca city

Lucca is a Fantastic city where you can find whatever you want, from a walk around the city on top of the walls, a suggestive view from both tower to a characteristic trip on the hills adjacent to the city

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Main Places inside the Walls

Image - Guinigi Tower
Guinigi Tower
Marco:Guinigi Tower is a typical example of local Romanesque-Gothic architecture. The height of the tower is 45 meters with a total of 232 steps to reach the top. Guinigi Tower is one of the few remaining towers within the walls. It is known for the tall trees growing on top of the tower - The kitchen was originally on the floor below with the rooftop serving as a kitchen garden. The ancient trees are holm oaks symbolising rebirth and renewal.
Image - Torre delle Ore
Torre delle Ore
Marco:The Torre delle Ore or Torre dell'Orologio is a clock-tower Located in Via Fillungo This tower, the tallest in Lucca, was acquired by the government in the 14th century, and in 1390, it was decided to house a clock. The present mechanism of the clock dates to the 18th-century. It is unclear what the face of the clock and the mechanism consisted in 1390.
Image - Piazza Napoleone
Piazza Napoleone
Marco:Piazza Napoleone or Piazza Grande is a characteristic square in Lucca locate in the centre of the city. It is a featured place were you can find different restaurant and bar.
Image - St Martin Cathedral
St Martin Cathedral
Marco:This is the Cathedral of Lucca, this church is consacrate to San Martino, as the square. This is the most important church in Lucca, where is preserved the Volto Santo, and inside you can discover the story of the legend
Image - Gelateria Veneta
Gelateria Veneta
Marco:This is a famous ice-cream shop in Lucca and you can find in different location inside and outside the City.
Image - Chiesa di San Michele in Foro
Chiesa di San Michele in Foro
Marco:This church is in the centre of the city, with a big square and a lot of shops.
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Main Places near the City

Image - Luna Park (Ogni Settembre)
Luna Park (Ogni Settembre)
Marco:Every September you can find the Luna Park in Lucca every day from the morning to the nightfall. There you can find different attraction for every age. You need to pay with cash and there are no ATM near the place.
Image - Ponte della Maddalena - Ponte del Diavolo
Ponte della Maddalena - Ponte del Diavolo
Marco:This is one of the most famous places near the city. This bridge has a fantastic view and it is only 20 minutes from the city You can also proceed beside the river finding different nice places.
Image - Forte dei Marmi
Forte dei Marmi
Marco:This is one of the most iconic city near Lucca. It is 30 minutes far from It and there yo can find the Sea, food, nice places like the pier or the centre of the city, and a lot of nice cars.
Image - Parco di Santallago
Parco di Santallago
Marco:This is an endless field surrounded by the nature. it is a fantastic and relaxing place in summer. There you can eat at the restaurant or grill the meat, there are different brazier inside the park

Wonderguide map

  1. Guinigi Tower
  2. Torre delle Ore
  3. Piazza Napoleone
  4. St Martin Cathedral
  5. Gelateria Veneta
  6. Chiesa di San Michele in Foro
  7. Luna Park (Ogni Settembre)
  8. Ponte della Maddalena - Ponte del Diavolo
  9. Forte dei Marmi
  10. Parco di Santallago

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