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Image - Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory
Yin Lin &:Free admission, fantastic view over LA & hollywood sign. Park at the foot of the hill, bring your light picnic set and take a hike up. The view at dusk is the most beautiful. Don’t forget to bring head lamp or torch light for your hike down. The observatory is a landmark and a must-see.
Image - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Yin Lin &:LACMA-One of the most visited museums for contemporary art in LA. Also nearby: La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, Peterson Automotive Museum, Academy Museum of Motion Pictures… all great and family-friendly museums. All within walking distance from each other, one can easily spend a whole day in this museum row called “Miracle Mile”. After long day of museum-visits, have dinner in one of the authentic ethiopian restaurants nearby. See recommendation on Little Ethiopia.
Image - La Brea Tar Pits and Museum
La Brea Tar Pits and Museum
Yin Lin &:Ice age excavation site and still an active paleontological research site. Unique and must see! One of the museums on Miracle Mile (see LACMA).
Image - Petersen Automotive Museum
Petersen Automotive Museum
Yin Lin &:One of the largest automotive collections in the world, located near LACMA on the museum row. Great for automotive-enthusiasts!
Image - Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
Yin Lin &:Great place for movie lovers! One of the museums on the museum row (see also LACMA)…
Image - Little Ethiopia
Little Ethiopia
Yin Lin &:Close to the museum row (see also LACMA). A lively street full of authentic ethiopian restaurants and shops. Our favorites are Rahel (offers only vegan dishes) and Messob. Order the combo platter+ethiopian honey wine and dive in with hands!
Image - The Getty
The Getty
Yin Lin &:Interesting architecture and a nice view over LA. After museum visit, take a short drive to Hakata Izakaya Hero for authentic and delicious japanese dinner (tapas style). See also Hakata Izakaya Hero.
Image - Hakata Izakaya HERO
Hakata Izakaya HERO
Yin Lin &:Very authentic and delicious japanese food (izakaya-style), a hidden gem in Westwood. Do come early (5:30pm) or else call ahead for reservation.
Image - The Getty Villa
The Getty Villa
Yin Lin &:Another museum started by J Paul Getty. Located in Malibu near the ocean. Houses roman/greek statues and antiquities.
Image - Moonshadows Malibu
Moonshadows Malibu
Yin Lin &:Nice restaurant with beautiful view in Malibu.
Image - The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens
The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens
Yin Lin &:Stunning botanical garden. Very popular among locals as well as tourists.
Image - NBC Seafood Restaurant
NBC Seafood Restaurant
Yin Lin &:Our favorite Dim Sum restaurant in LA. Dim sums are served in a very authentic way - in rolling carts by middle-aged ladies, extremely efficient and pragmatic service😂. Dim sum classics that we always order: Har Gao, Shiu Mai, Sticky chicken rice wrapped in lotus leaf, turnip cake, steam souped dumplings, rice noodle rolls, pork Bao, egg tart…
Image - Hermosa Cyclery
Hermosa Cyclery
Yin Lin &:Rent a beach cruiser here and cruise north from Hermosa Beach up to Venice Beach (or even Santa Monica pier!) and back. Super fun, a lot of sun light (so don’t forget to wear sunscreen). Make a few stops along the way, e.g. at Playa Vista for a coffee/pastry at Playa Provisions.
Image - Playa Provisions
Playa Provisions
Yin Lin &:Good place to grab a sandwich and coffee while on the beach cruise-ride between Hermosa and Venice Beach.
Image - Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Yin Lin &:Hip and trendy shopping mile between Venice Blvd and Main Str with lots of restaurants and shops. Our favorite destination for Sunday beach cruise-rides coming from Hermosa Beach. Great place to have brunch/lunch and do a little shopping. For brunch: check Gjusta out.
Image - The Rose Venice
The Rose Venice
Yin Lin &:Nice location for Sunday brunch in Venice Beach .
Image - Bluestone Lane Venice Beach Café
Bluestone Lane Venice Beach Café
Yin Lin &:A lively place for breakfast (australian style) and brunch. Excellent coffee!
Image - The Arthur J
The Arthur J
Yin Lin &:One of our favorite steak restaurants, located in Manhattan Beach.
Image - El Segundo Brewing Company
El Segundo Brewing Company
Yin Lin &:Craft brewery, popular among locals. Can order food from the food stall just outside of the brewery.
Image - Wayfarers Chapel
Wayfarers Chapel
Yin Lin &:A.k.a. the glass church with unique architecture and amazing view over Pacific ocean, designed by architect Lloyd Wright (son of Frank Lloyd Wright).
Image - Korean Friendship Bell
Korean Friendship Bell
Yin Lin &:Fantastic view over the ocean.
Image - Father's Office
Father's Office
Yin Lin &:Father’s Office in Culver City. Great gastropub to try out different craft beer, food is not bad too. Have dinner at the nearby “Pasta Sisters” and come here for beer.
Image - Westfield Century City
Westfield Century City
Yin Lin &:One of the best shopping malls in LA. For good and authentic chinese food try “Meizhou Dongpo”, or “Hai Di Lao” for hotpots and order “dancing noodle” there, kids (or kids-alike) would be thrilled.
Image - Cinemark Playa Vista and XD
Cinemark Playa Vista and XD
Yin Lin &:One of the few movie theaters with luxury loungers where food and drinks can be ordered from your seat and be brought to you to your seat. Good location and clean.
Image - 71Above
Yin Lin &:Fine dining restaurant with an unparalled panaromic view over LA.
Image - Providence
Yin Lin &:2 Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant by Chef Michael Cimarusti.
Image - Sushi Zo Downtown Los Angeles
Sushi Zo Downtown Los Angeles
Yin Lin &: One of the best sushi places in town!
Image - Bestia
Yin Lin &:Trendy and very happening italian restaurant in Art District LA. Reservations to be made weeks in advance.
Image - Quarters Korean BBQ
Quarters Korean BBQ
Yin Lin &:A modern, busy, industrial-chic place for Korean BBQ.
Image - Venice Canals
Venice Canals
Yin Lin &:Good place to take a stroll at this historic district. One of the landmarks in LA.
Image - Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood
Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood
Yin Lin &:For film-/TV shows- enthusiasts where you get to see sets of Friends, The Big Bang Theory… etc.
Image - Rose Bowl Flea Market
Rose Bowl Flea Market
Yin Lin &:This monthly flea market is probably one of the largest in the world! Wear hat and sunscreen as there is little to no shade.
Image - Bradbury Building
Bradbury Building
Yin Lin &:This historic landmark was the filming location of the iconic (original) Blade Runner movie. Don’t miss the Grand Central Market nearby!!
Image - Walt Disney Concert Hall
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Yin Lin &:Famous landmark, home of the LA Philharmonic.
Image - Ahmanson Theatre
Ahmanson Theatre
Yin Lin &:Plays, musicals…
Image - Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood Bowl
Yin Lin &:Unique concert venue under the night sky, a historic landmark popular among locals and tourists. A variety of concerts for diverse music tastes. Must visit! Bring your own picnic and wine or order from one of the many options at the venue. Best way to get there: Park your car and take one of the shuttles.
Image - The Last Bookstore
The Last Bookstore
Yin Lin &:California’s largest bookstore located in DTLA offering new and used books. Awesome place for books-lovers. Quite unique!
Image - Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park
Yin Lin &:Desert, cacti and lots of joshua trees. Perfect for stargazing
Image - Alabama Hills
Alabama Hills
Yin Lin &:Beautiful and unique rock formations. Film location for countless hollywood and western movies. Mount Whitney at the backdrop and the entrance to Death Valley is closeby.
Image - Sequoia National Park
Sequoia National Park
Yin Lin &:The giant redwood trees are awe-inspiring…
Image - Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park
Yin Lin &:One of the most visited National Parks. Need to reserve entry permit in advance.
Image - Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara
Yin Lin &:Beautiful, mediterranean-style town in Central California. But close to SB is a charming small town also worth visiting called Ojai (pronounced as “Oh-Hi”), in the valley of Topatopa mountains, known for small boutique shops, olive farm and organic farmers market. Do also check out this book store “Bart’s Store”. We highly recommend Ojai Valley Inn in the center of the village for lodging.
Image - Death Valley
Death Valley
Yin Lin &:Hottest, driest and lowest National Park - Deadly…
Image - Mono Lake
Mono Lake
Yin Lin &:Unique saline lake, Dead Sea of California on the east side of Sierra Nevada. Nearby Mammoth Lake has plenty of lodging options.
Image - Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Visitor Center
Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Visitor Center
Yin Lin &:Oldest living organisms reside in this ancient forest in the White Mountain…
Image - Angeles National Forest
Angeles National Forest
Yin Lin &:The “backyard” of Los Angeles with plenty of hiking trails…
Image - Santa Monica Mountains
Santa Monica Mountains
Yin Lin &:Coastal mountain range which offers LA residents easy access to natural areas.
Image - 626 Night Market
626 Night Market
Yin Lin &: Open-air streetfood festival which takes place several times a year, also in Santa Monica.
Image - Harbor Breeze Cruises
Harbor Breeze Cruises
Yin Lin &:Good for whale watching (depart from Long Beach or San Pedro). Bring a warm jacket with you!
Image - Dodgers
Yin Lin &: Fireworks after the game on 4th July is quite a show.
Image - LA Memorial Coliseum
LA Memorial Coliseum
Yin Lin &:Check out the concerts, fantastic concert venue.
Image - Los Angeles Football Club
Los Angeles Football Club
Yin Lin &:Cheering with the LAFC fans is an immersive experience.
Image - Travelade Image
Yin Lin &:Private skateboard lesson. Coach Cameron is super experienced with teaching kids (and adults) and is super patient. Contact skeltonskateboarding@gmail.com or follow him on IG: skelton_skateboarding
Image - Manhattan Beach Pier
Manhattan Beach Pier
Yin Lin &:You’ll find many special events throughout the year at Manhattan Beach near the pier. The ones not to miss are: Skechers Holiday Fireworks (this year on Dec 11th), MB Open Beach Volleyball Tournament by AVP (August).
Image - E.P. & L.P.
E.P. & L.P.
Yin Lin &:Hip rooftop bar with views of Hollywood Hills and Melrose. Great drinks and delish snacks!
Image - Monkish Brewing Co.
Monkish Brewing Co.
Yin Lin &:Small local brewery in Torrance. Awesome brews and usually has food truck at their location selling street food (check their homepage for food vendor schedule).
Image - Common Space Brewery and Tasting Room
Common Space Brewery and Tasting Room
Yin Lin &:Another brewery! Nice atmosphere, frequented by supposed employees of nearby SpaceX🤓. (By the way checkout the Falcon 9 booster at SpaceX too). Food vendors are usually available (check their food vendor schedule) and if possible, go on the day when GochugangBBQ is there, their korean bbq Tacos are heavenly!
Image - Paradise Cove Beach Café
Paradise Cove Beach Café
Yin Lin &:The best place to enjoy a hearty breakfast/lunch at the beach with surf cafe’s vibe.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Griffith Observatory
  2. Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  3. La Brea Tar Pits and Museum
  4. Petersen Automotive Museum
  5. Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
  6. Little Ethiopia
  7. The Getty
  8. Hakata Izakaya HERO
  9. The Getty Villa
  10. Moonshadows Malibu
  11. The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens
  12. NBC Seafood Restaurant
  13. Hermosa Cyclery
  14. Playa Provisions
  15. Abbot Kinney Boulevard
  16. The Rose Venice
  17. Bluestone Lane Venice Beach Café
  18. The Arthur J
  19. El Segundo Brewing Company
  20. Wayfarers Chapel
  21. Korean Friendship Bell
  22. Father's Office
  23. Westfield Century City
  24. Cinemark Playa Vista and XD
  25. 71Above
  26. Providence
  27. Sushi Zo Downtown Los Angeles
  28. Bestia
  29. Quarters Korean BBQ
  30. Venice Canals
  31. Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood
  32. Rose Bowl Flea Market
  33. Bradbury Building
  34. Walt Disney Concert Hall
  35. Ahmanson Theatre
  36. Hollywood Bowl
  37. The Last Bookstore
  38. Joshua Tree National Park
  39. Alabama Hills
  40. Sequoia National Park
  41. Yosemite National Park
  42. Santa Barbara
  43. Death Valley
  44. Mono Lake
  45. Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Visitor Center
  46. Angeles National Forest
  47. Santa Monica Mountains
  48. 626 Night Market
  49. Harbor Breeze Cruises
  50. Dodgers
  51. LA Memorial Coliseum
  52. Los Angeles Football Club
  53. BeachSports
  54. Manhattan Beach Pier
  55. E.P. & L.P.
  56. Monkish Brewing Co.
  57. Common Space Brewery and Tasting Room
  58. Paradise Cove Beach Café

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