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London Town

London is steeped in culture, this guide will help you uncover some of it's hidden gems.

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Great days out in London

If you have a whole day to invest London has some great days out to offer.

Image - Harry Potter London Taxi Tour_101885
$ 437
Harry Potter London Taxi Tour
Hannah Auerbach:See the actual locations from the film series. Including platform 9 and 3/4! Great for any Potter fan big or small.
Image - Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace
Hannah Auerbach:Hampton Court Palace is a beautiful location to spend the day, with it's stunning architecture and well tended gardens. You can explore the palace at your leisure and discuss the history of the location with the friendly volunteers. There are often reenactments taking place to give an insight into life at Hampton Court.
Image - Jack The Ripper  Taxi Tour_103569
$ 437
Jack The Ripper Taxi Tour
Hannah Auerbach:Often referred to as the first serial killer, Jack the Ripper is still shrouded in mystery today. This tour takes you to the original sights where Jack's victims were found and uses original photographs and maps to give a sense of the Victorian London he prowled. The true identity of Jack is still unknown today but you will hear about the list of suspects and conspiracy theories related to this infamous cold case.
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Londons Traditional Cafes

Image - Piebury Corner
Piebury Corner
Hannah Auerbach:This is one of two branches of this classic Pie and Mash shop. Be sure to check it out on match day to get an authentic experience.
Image - M.Manze
Hannah Auerbach:One of the oldest chains of Eel and Mash shops in London, Manze's at one time had 14 different cafes. They still use the same recipes as they did when they first opened in 1902.
Image - Bar Italia
Bar Italia
Hannah Auerbach:Famous for its coffee and local characters, Bar Italia has a strong following. The tiny little cafe offers great coffee and Italian food in the heart of London.
Image - Ace Cafe London
Ace Cafe London
Hannah Auerbach:Though a little difficult to get to, for those who are looking for London subculture the Ace Cafe is worth the pilgrimage. With regular themed nights, club meets and ride alongs the Ace Cafe is a haven for Mods and Rockers alike. If you're a fan of motorbikes check out their website for the next planned ride alongs.
Image - Regency Cafe
Regency Cafe
Hannah Auerbach:The Regency Cafe is the epitome of a London Cafe. Tiled walls, formica tables and plastic tableware make up the iconic interior. The iconic cafe was used as a location in the film Layer Cake. Closed in the afternoon, expect to que for the best Full English in town.
Image - Terry's cafe
Terry's cafe
Hannah Auerbach:The eclectic interior of Terry's cafe make it hard to focus on the food. Serving traditional greasy spoon food.

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  1. Harry Potter London Taxi Tour
  2. Hampton Court Palace
  3. Jack The Ripper Taxi Tour
  4. Piebury Corner
  5. M.Manze
  6. Bar Italia
  7. Ace Cafe London
  8. Regency Cafe
  9. Terry's cafe

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