London Hopping

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Sharmarni Danials

London Hopping

No matter what you are looking for when you decide to come to London.. there is something for everyone!

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London Tours

Image - Harry Potter London Taxi Tour_101885
$ 437
Harry Potter London Taxi Tour
Sharmarni:As a massive movie fanatic.. and especially a huge Harry Potter Fan I know you guys will defiently love this one! What more would you want apart from living the experience of pure spells!
Image - Jack The Ripper  Taxi Tour_103569
$ 437
Jack The Ripper Taxi Tour
Sharmarni:Horrorsssss!! If you are like me and find that most horror films are really slacking nowadays, especially as the whole point is to be scared right? Well, let's take it to a whole different level and let's live the screams!
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All things Food and Drink!

If you love a good meal, or even a quick snack.. you will not be disappointed with what London has to offer; ranging from all around the world!

Image - Nando's
Sharmarni:If you are looking for cheap and filling then Nandos is a well-known favourite! With a Portuguese vibe and African music and art that fill each restaurant; you won't be disappointed when you get freshly grilled and marinated chicken and even options if you're veggie or vegan!
Image - Dishoom
Sharmarni:An Indian fusion that serves not only lunch & dinner but also breakfast too! Plus with multiple locations I am sure you will find the right one for you ;)
Image - Mildreds Restaurant
Mildreds Restaurant
Sharmarni:With London’s vegetarian scene continuously booming, Mildreds has built a fan base that it will even be tricky to get in! With a special favourite defo get the bourbon buffalo burger; with a mock chicken patty in a sticky sweet buffalo sauce, with ranch dressing and gherkins, all in a charcoal brioche bun. Lovely! With also other locations available.
Image - Big Easy Bar BQ & Crabshack
Big Easy Bar BQ & Crabshack
Sharmarni:From lobster, shellfish, ribs, chicken and glorious burgers! You can't go wrong here and also there smashing cocktails.
Image - Duck & Waffle
Duck & Waffle
Sharmarni:Precisely what the name says.. Duck and Waffle! But of course, apart from the obvious, the other great thing about this place is.. the 574ft tall building that shows you the whole of London.
Image - Bun House
Bun House
Sharmarni:Right in the middle of China Town - This is the cheapest entry on the list, and is not one dish for £10, but each bun pricing at £2.50 each

Unique things to do

The Crazy, The Cool & The Unusual

Image - Electric Cinema
Electric Cinema
Sharmarni:If the sound of cushioned armchairs, footstools and double beds all in a movie thearte sounds good.. then you are going to love this place!
Image - Everyman Kings Cross
Everyman Kings Cross
Sharmarni:Movie Junkies welcome! Come for something different.
Image - Rooftop Film Club
Rooftop Film Club
Sharmarni:There is nothing wrong with feeling like we are going back in time!
Image - Plonk Crazy Golf - Battersea
Plonk Crazy Golf - Battersea
Sharmarni:A little bit of crazy.. in the dark golf..? Why not ;)
Image - Brockwell Lido
Brockwell Lido
Sharmarni:As the summer is here and London has been doing extremley well with the weather.. Who doesn't love an outdoor pool?
Image - Vegan Nights
Vegan Nights
Sharmarni:Vegan nights is great for everyone! Whether you are vegan or not.. you will find some of the most utterly tastiest food stools and bars in an outdoor garden. With music, food, drink and good vibes you can't go wrong.
Image - Cereal Killer Cafe
Cereal Killer Cafe
Sharmarni:Whether you are a breakfast person or not.. why not try out the cereal cafe! With a crazy amount of cereals to try or to even remanise on.
Image - ZSL London Zoo
ZSL London Zoo
Sharmarni:If animals and wild life is your thing, why not try going to the zoo. But the reason why I have put it in this section is that you can also book a nights stay in a little cabin, where you will get an after dark tour.

Shop till you drop

London is one of the hot spots when it comes to shopping.. honestly you can shop until you drop with our shopping centres.

Image - Westfield Stratford City
Westfield Stratford City
Sharmarni:Stratford Westfield; from designer to everyday shops, restaurants and bars.
Image - Westfield London
Westfield London
Sharmarni:White City Westfield; from designer to the everyday shops, restaurants and bars.
Image - Boxpark Shoreditch
Boxpark Shoreditch
Sharmarni:With little pop up stores just underneath a open air bar/restaurant venue.
Image - Centrale Shopping Centre
Centrale Shopping Centre
Sharmarni:Croydon shopping centre; ranging from the most popular shops.
Image - Topshop
Sharmarni:Oxford Circus is in central London and has streets; amongst streets of shops. So once you get out of the tube station you are in the biggest shopping district of them all.


There are so many places you can go just outside of London, but I have included top 3.

Image - Brighton - the gem of the south
Brighton - the gem of the south
Sharmarni:Just only an hour away by the train from the South of London, you will find yourself at one of the most famous piers - Brighton. They even have an on top of water fun fair!
Image - Bournemouth
Sharmarni:With great summers, beaches, hills and ultimate views.. plus only a train ride away you will end up in Bournemouth.
Image - Cardiff
Sharmarni:Cardiff is a university town but not only is it known for its partying.. but being in Wales you are given the chance for beautiful hikes, amazing landscapes and stunning sunrises on a hill at the beach.

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  1. Harry Potter London Taxi Tour
  2. Jack The Ripper Taxi Tour
  3. Nando's
  4. Dishoom
  5. Mildreds Restaurant
  6. Big Easy Bar BQ & Crabshack
  7. Duck & Waffle
  8. Bun House
  9. Electric Cinema
  10. Everyman Kings Cross
  11. Rooftop Film Club
  12. Plonk Crazy Golf - Battersea
  13. Brockwell Lido
  14. Vegan Nights
  15. Cereal Killer Cafe
  16. ZSL London Zoo
  17. Westfield Stratford City
  18. Westfield London
  19. Boxpark Shoreditch
  20. Centrale Shopping Centre
  21. Topshop
  22. Bournemouth
  23. Cardiff

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