London for beginners

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London for beginners

For anyone who has recently moved to London and would like to discover it the non-touristy way.

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My Recommendations

Image - Emirates Air Line
Emirates Air Line
Sonila:A quick way to discover East London. Beautiful landscape, especially worth during sunset.
Image - Brick Lane Sunday Market
Brick Lane Sunday Market
Sonila:Young and vibrant, a great way to spend Sundays.
Image - ArcelorMittal Orbit
ArcelorMittal Orbit
Sonila:For all the adventurers out there, an absolute must-try. Located in a quiet part of East London and perfect for taking a walk after.
Image - The British Library
The British Library
Sonila:A wonderful destination to spend an afternoon reading, sipping tea and walking around this beautiful complex.
Image - Growing Communities Farmers Market
Growing Communities Farmers Market
Sonila:Fresh, organic vegetables and fruits at affordable prices.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Emirates Air Line
  2. Brick Lane Sunday Market
  3. Portobello Road Market
  4. Old Spitalfields Market
  5. Royal Observatory Greenwich
  6. Borough Market
  7. Southbank Centre
  8. ArcelorMittal Orbit
  9. The British Library
  10. Chinatown Gate
  11. Growing Communities Farmers Market

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