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(not forgetting the farm shops)

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My Recommendations

Image - Hinchliffe's Farm Shop
Hinchliffe's Farm Shop
Simon:This is an amazing place for breakfast, we are regulars!! They also provide lunch and dinner - recommend you book though :) Great farm shop.
Image - Devour at The Dyehouse
Devour at The Dyehouse
Simon:This is the most amazing restaurant in the area. Unfortunately, upto 4 weeks booking queue unless you are lucky.
Image - Pink Elephant Restaurant
Pink Elephant Restaurant
Simon:Just the place for a great local curry... don't forget to take your favourite beer and wine. If you do forget, they serve it from the bar anyway. Walk into the village
Image - Meltham Balti
Meltham Balti
Simon:Still in our village, and an easy 5 minute walk. It is difficult to choose between both Indian restaurants in the village. Both have their followers. Again, take your own - Coop next door handy for this. You choose :)
Image - Travellers Rest
Travellers Rest
Simon:Newly renovated in 2021, drinking pub only at the moment. Perhaps 30 minute walk up hill out of Meltham(past Morrisons) to get there. Worth it for a pint (or two!). Best pub in area for late sunshine!!
Image - The Canton Chef, Honley
The Canton Chef, Honley
Simon:This is the place for high quality Chinese food to dine in or take out. Our Sunday evening favourite from Honley. 3-4 minute drive to collect
Image - Da Vinci’s Pizza - Honley
Da Vinci’s Pizza - Honley
Simon:Opposite Dominos Pizza in Honley, our favourite takeaway pizza for delivery.
Image - Waggon & Horses
Waggon & Horses
Simon:Great for a pint with the locals, in our village
Image - The Huntsman Inn
The Huntsman Inn
Simon:6-7 minute drive, great traditional food and beer
Image - The Old Bridge Inn
The Old Bridge Inn
Simon:If visiting nearby Holmfirth, this is the most popular dine in restaurant. Watch out for large portions! You have been warned
Image - Mozzarellas Pizzeria & Wine Bar
Mozzarellas Pizzeria & Wine Bar
Simon:If visiting Marsden, try this cute little restaurant. You will not be disappointed.
Image - The Winking Stag Holmfirth
The Winking Stag Holmfirth
Simon:Great bar in Holmfirth
Image - Bolster Moor Farmshop
Bolster Moor Farmshop
Simon:Rivals Hinchliffes in Netherton,just a bit further away at Pole Moor. Excellent breakfasts
Image - Grappolo Restaurant
Grappolo Restaurant
Simon:Fancy a noisy Italian? Great food. 15 minutes into Huddersfield by car/taxi
Image - The Handmade Bakery Ltd
The Handmade Bakery Ltd
Simon:Love freshly made artisan bread. Slaithwaite is well worth a visit - YUM
Image - The Carding Shed
The Carding Shed
Simon:Love cars? café too. Browse in this old textile mill just out of Holmfirth.
Image - Meltham Fisheries
Meltham Fisheries
Simon:Best in our village of Meltham, cooked as ordered, and ensures freshness
Image - Compo's
Simon:Recognise Compo? Great F&C's in Holmfirth
Image - Rumpus Burger
Rumpus Burger
Simon:Our number one take-out of Burgers. Take our picnic chairs with you, and find a perfect spot to sit and dine. I guarantee you will not be disappointed
Image - Eric's Restaurant
Eric's Restaurant
Simon:Posh & Expensive. Booking essential. 25 minutes by car
Image - Catch Seafood Holmfirth
Catch Seafood Holmfirth
Simon:Superb fish restaurant in Holmfirth. Cod & chips a speciality. Nice and smart restaurant in an old pub. Booking Essential
Image - Lu's Place
Lu's Place
Simon:Not yet open, promised July2022, as a café. This is just up the road passing the mills on your left.
Image - The Little Bridge
The Little Bridge
Simon:Nice for an outside drink
Image - Two Valleys
Two Valleys
Simon:Perfect small pattesserie, ideal for hot sandwiches e.g. bacon/egg etc., closes 12.00 Satuday morning. By the church in Meltham centre
Image - Folly Dolly Falls
Folly Dolly Falls
Simon:Everybody visits here, especially during/after heavy rain. A beauty spot off Meltham Greenway. 10-15 minute walk away
Image - Blackmoorfoot Reservoir
Blackmoorfoot Reservoir
Simon:Great to walk to for the last of the sunshine. Get ready for the hills.
Image - Deer Hill Reservoir
Deer Hill Reservoir
Simon:Accessed above the Travellers rest.
Image - Meltham Pleasure Garden
Meltham Pleasure Garden
Simon:Just turn right out of your front door, past convenience store and into the play area and follow. Delightful :)
Image - Meltham Greenway
Meltham Greenway
Simon:This is the historic rail line, that became the David Brown tractor test track. Walks straight into Meltham and Morrisons.
Image - Morrisons
Simon:Your local supermarket
Image - The Picturedrome, Holmfirth
The Picturedrome, Holmfirth
Simon:For live bands, a wonderfully small and exciting venue in Holmfirth
Image - Meltham Golf Club
Meltham Golf Club
Simon:If you play golf, this is a great course to explore
Image - Robert Ashton Memorial Park
Robert Ashton Memorial Park
Simon:Just head left out of your door, and up the snicket past next door (No.18) and you are there. Anyone for tennis?
Image - Punch Bar and Tapas
Punch Bar and Tapas
Simon:Other people have recommended that we go. Yet to try. Let me know if you get there before us!
Image - Travelade Image
The Fourth Fiend Taphouse
Simon:This is new for 2022; great craft beers, weekend kitchen and very dog friendly
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Wonderguide map

  1. Hinchliffe's Farm Shop
  2. Devour at The Dyehouse
  3. Pink Elephant Restaurant
  4. Meltham Balti
  5. Travellers Rest
  6. The Canton Chef, Honley
  7. Da Vinci’s Pizza - Honley
  8. Waggon & Horses
  9. The Huntsman Inn
  10. The Old Bridge Inn
  11. Mozzarellas Pizzeria & Wine Bar
  12. The Winking Stag Holmfirth
  13. Bolster Moor Farmshop
  14. Grappolo Restaurant
  15. The Handmade Bakery Ltd
  16. The Carding Shed
  17. Meltham Fisheries
  18. Compo's
  19. Rumpus Burger
  20. Eric's Restaurant
  21. Catch Seafood Holmfirth
  22. Lu's Place
  23. The Little Bridge
  24. Two Valleys
  25. Folly Dolly Falls
  26. Blackmoorfoot Reservoir
  27. Deer Hill Reservoir
  28. Meltham Pleasure Garden
  29. Meltham Greenway
  30. Morrisons
  31. The Picturedrome, Holmfirth
  32. Meltham Golf Club
  33. Robert Ashton Memorial Park
  34. Punch Bar and Tapas
  35. The Fourth Fiend Taphouse

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