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The city of dragons and other cool stuff

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Image - Dragon Bridge
Dragon Bridge
Kristjan:A great photo spot.
Image - Prešeren Square
Prešeren Square
Kristjan:This is the city center where the Preseren statue is looking at his love Julija.
Image - Ljubljana Castle
Ljubljana Castle
Kristjan:Located on a small hill you can hike in 10-15 minutes ti get a great view of the city.
Image - City Park Tivoli
City Park Tivoli
Kristjan:Great for a walk or to have a picnic.
Image - Metelkova Art Center
Metelkova Art Center
Kristjan:Stranger things happens at night. Check it out!
Image - Cankarjev dom
Cankarjev dom
Kristjan:Great concerts!
Image - National Gallery
National Gallery
Kristjan:National art of Slovenia
Image - Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana
Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana
Kristjan:Cool new art
Image - Narodni muzej Slovenije
Narodni muzej Slovenije
Kristjan:National musem. Very cool!
Image - Travelade Image
Petkovškovo nabrežje
Kristjan:Grab a coffee or a beer :)
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Wonderguide map

  1. Dragon Bridge
  2. Prešeren Square
  3. Ljubljana Castle
  4. City Park Tivoli
  5. Metelkova Art Center
  6. Cankarjev dom
  7. National Gallery
  8. Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana
  9. Narodni muzej Slovenije
  10. Petkovškovo nabrežje

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