Liverpool - the city of rock'n'roll

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Liverpool - the city of rock'n'roll

Rock'n'roll fans will certainly not regret visiting Liverpool. It's a city where numerous great bands were born, but one in particular, The Beatles. The city of Liverpool has a very rich history, though it has one downside - it's really windy.

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Places to visit in Liverpool

Located in the northwestern part of England, Liverpool is the third largest city in England and the fourth in the United Kingdom by its population. With its interesting architecture and history, in 2004, several city monuments were listed on UNESCO's List of World Heritage Sites in Europe.

Image - Mathew Street
Mathew Street
Ida:Matthew Street is a heart of the city. It is situated in the centre of Liverpool, in the Cavern Quarter. It doesn't only houses the Cavern Club, but also numerous of other bars and pubs where "the famous four" used to perform. It greatly shows Liverpool's long musical heritage, but it's also extremely lively during weekends when people come to have a good time.
Image - Cavern Club
Cavern Club
Ida:Down the stairs, entering the dark space enlighten by the greatest sounds of all times - Cavern Club is a music venue where The Beatles were born. Surrounded by old walls which, all these years, survived as music venue, in any time of the day, you can grab a drink and listen to the resident bands performing legendary music of The Beatles.
Image - Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
Ida:The historical sight, Royal Albert Dock, is a complex of dock buildings and warehouses where you can find numerous of Liverpool's great museums. You can sit down in several of restaurants and bars and enjoy the view of the River Mersey and the city.
Image - Pier Head
Pier Head
Ida:The Pier Head is a riverside with the Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building and Port of Liverpool Building, and the Anglican cathedral in the background, lying on the River Mersey. It's one of the monuments listed on UNESCO's List of World Heritage Sites in Europe.
Image - Liverpool ONE
Liverpool ONE
Ida:Liverpool ONE is an urban and modern part of Liverpool, a shopping, residential and leisure complex. If you wish to have some shopping, or get some dinner and enjoy some drinks, this is a place to go to.
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Top 5 museums to visit in Liverpool

Liverpool is a city with very interesting history, and thus, it has quite a few museums. But these are my top five!

Image - The Beatles Story
The Beatles Story
Ida:If you are a Beatle, or you would like to see a great piece of rock history, then going to The Beatles Story is a must. In such an interesting way, this award-winning museum tells a story about the lives of four Liverpool "lads" and their journey to become the most popular band of all times.
Image - Merseyside Maritime Museum
Merseyside Maritime Museum
Ida:You can easily spend hours in this museum! The most interesting thing about the Merseyside Maritime Museum is the "untold" story about Titanic and its connections with Liverpool. On the third floor, you can also find International Slavery Museum, as well as the Border Force's national museum in the basement.
Image - International Slavery Museum
International Slavery Museum
Ida:Sad and tragic stories of the enslaved people and the history of the transatlantic slavery - this museum reminds us of a dark past. It's free to enter, so it's a must seeing it as an educational reminder of the hardships of many.
Image - Tate Liverpool
Tate Liverpool
Ida:Artworks of all types can be seen in this free to enter Tate museum. Paintings, drawings and sculptures of the national collection of modern and contemporary art catches the interest of every art lover.
Image - World Museum
World Museum
Ida:World Museum is very educational and especially interesting for younger visitors. From mummies to dinosaurs and the space, people can spend hours in this cultural museum.

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  1. Mathew Street
  2. Cavern Club
  3. Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
  4. Pier Head
  5. Liverpool ONE
  6. The Beatles Story
  7. Merseyside Maritime Museum
  8. International Slavery Museum
  9. Tate Liverpool
  10. World Museum

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