Liverpool Coffee shops

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Liverpool Coffee shops

Everyone always asks me, where's the best place to get a coffee in Liverpool? Here you go...

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Coffee Shops

Just my favourite coffee spots in the city!

Image - Papillon - Hope Street
Papillon - Hope Street
Lewis:It's bustling atmosphere makes for great drinking of coffee in a relaxed and modern interior. Located in The Georgian Quarter, sit outside when the sun is out!
Image - Rococo
Lewis:Probably my favourite in Liverpool, the interior is so diverse and quirky, it's different at every corner. The coffee is pretty good too!
Image - Thoughtfully Cafe
Thoughtfully Cafe
Lewis:A small coffee shop but with big character, it's nice to chill out sometimes or hide away from the rain
Image - Mother Espresso
Mother Espresso
Lewis:A minimal style coffee shop, probably the best latte art in the city with a quirky atmosphere.
Image - Polidor
Lewis:Another personal favourite on one of Liverpool coolest streets, the food and coffee is great!
Image - Bloom & Bean
Bloom & Bean
Lewis:Probably the newest coffee shop in Liverpool, and maybe the pink-est? Enjoy a coffee and enjoy people watching on one of Liverpool's busiest streets!
Image - 92 Degrees Coffee
92 Degrees Coffee
Lewis:A lovely spot on the corner of Hope Street and opposite the Philharmonic with great coffee!
Image - Petit Café Du Coin
Petit Café Du Coin
Lewis:French inspired jazz cafe and bar. Great coffee in the day and drinks in the evening!
Image - Root Coffee
Root Coffee
Lewis:A very coffee focused coffee if that seems normal? All the different blends and things like nitro brews and pour overs are available!
Image - Cafe Lucaya
Cafe Lucaya
Lewis:Another great coffee shop in the heart of Liverpool, with its palm trees and great coffee!
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My Recommendations

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  1. Papillon - Hope Street
  2. Rococo
  3. Thoughtfully Cafe
  4. Mother Espresso
  5. Polidor
  6. Bloom & Bean
  7. 92 Degrees Coffee
  8. Petit Café Du Coin
  9. Root Coffee
  10. Cafe Lucaya

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