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Live Puebla

Puebla is a city in the eastern central area of Mexico, southeast of Mexico City. It is known for its culinary history, colonial architecture, and ceramics.

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Image - Cocina de los Ángeles
Cocina de los Ángeles
María Fernanda Ortega Reyes: The food is delicious, of excellent quality. The staff is very friendly, and they deliver your food in good time. The price is according to what they offer you.
Image - Restaurante Casareyna
Restaurante Casareyna
María Fernanda Ortega Reyes: A quiet and relaxing place. The food is delicious and the staff very attentive. They comply with the security regulations for Pandemic. The Chile en Nogada, delicious, of a good size, the preparation is very dedicated and comes with its certificate.
Image - Santo Menjurje
Santo Menjurje
María Fernanda Ortega Reyes:Very good service, it has signature cuisine and very good cocktails, wines and a very comfortable terrace with grill food and an extraordinary view of the city.
Image - Vittorio's
María Fernanda Ortega Reyes:It is located in the arches to one side of the Cathedral, they have an extensive menu of typical food of the region as well as Italian.
Image - Toks
María Fernanda Ortega Reyes:
Image - Yokomo noria
Yokomo noria
María Fernanda Ortega Reyes:
Image - Carl's Jr.
Carl's Jr.
Image - Pacú
Image - Chili's
María Fernanda Ortega Reyes:
Image - Il Gran Sasso
Il Gran Sasso
María Fernanda Ortega Reyes:The best Italian food I have ever eaten, the relaxed atmosphere and the first class service make you feel at home.
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  1. Cocina de los Ángeles
  2. Restaurante Casareyna
  3. Santo Menjurje
  4. Vittorio's
  5. Toks
  6. Yokomo noria
  7. Carl's Jr.
  8. Pacú
  9. Chili's
  10. Il Gran Sasso

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