Life down under

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Anne Nguyen

life down under

This is my guide of the Gold Coast where I lived for an awesome 1.5 years of my life. Australia is quite the trek from most countries but your experience with food, culture and good vibes makes the trip well worth it! #catchya

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Enough said.

Image - Action Outdoor Hire
Action Outdoor Hire
Anne:Great place to rent a SUP. They give you a safety briefing and you can't go out until you've passed #safetyfirst
Image - Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Anne:Can you say you've been to Australia if you haven't even held a Koala?
Image - SkyPoint Observation Deck
SkyPoint Observation Deck
Anne:Beautiful views of the Gold Coast. Fun fact: the towers on the coast aren't for businesses, they are residential towers and hotels!
Image - Gold Coast Jet Ski Safaris
Gold Coast Jet Ski Safaris
Anne:100% add going Jet Skiing at the Spit as you can ride the waves in the Pacific Ocean
Image - Learn to Surf
Learn to Surf
Anne:Surf's up dude!
Image - Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours
Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours
Anne:Don't want to do your own research? Let them do it all for you!
Image - Icon The Cookery School
Icon The Cookery School
Anne:If you're lucky, you can see demos from MasterChef contestants #fangirling
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Random tips/food that I think you need to try

Image - NightOwl Convenience
NightOwl Convenience
Anne:Go and buy a Frozen Coke, a Golden Gaytime ice cream bar and Chicken crisps. Go NOW! Stop reading and just do it!
Image - Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise
Anne:This is tourist central. If you want to go clubbing, go here. Avoid during Schoolies at all costs. Locals very seldom come here.
Image - Woolworths
Anne:Water is expensive in Australia. If you have to drink bottled water, go to Wooly's and grab a 1L for under a dollar

Road Trippin

Grab your friends, create a wicked playlist and just drive!

Image - Byron Bay
Byron Bay
Anne:Hippie beach town. Chill vibes but very touristy. Maybe you'll be lucky and run into Chris Helmsworth ;)
Image - Tamborine Mountain
Tamborine Mountain
Anne:You can hike, swim or walk around the small town up top. Pick up some locally made cheese for your charcuterrie board.
Image - Mount Warning
Mount Warning
Anne:Level of difficulty: medium to difficult. Beautiful views once you get to the top but brace yourself for the chain.
Image - Travelade Image
Beechmont Road
Anne:Google Killarney Glen. It is a heart shaped rock that only tall people can seem to get a photo of #jipped
Image - Nimbin
Anne:420 friendly town. Spend a good hour or two here as it is quite small.
Image - Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road
Anne:A must if you are in in Victoria. Pack a scarf because it will be windy! My cover picture was taken at the 12 Apostles #nofilter

Give me all the drinks

Cool places to go for a drink or two or ten

Image - Garden Kitchen & Bar
Garden Kitchen & Bar
Anne:If you want a night out not in Surfer's Paradise, you will want to go here and rub elbows with an older crowd.
Image - Little Mermaid
Little Mermaid
Anne:If you want to makes all your Instagram followers swoon, this is the place to go!
Image - The Loose Moose Tap & Grill House
The Loose Moose Tap & Grill House
Anne:Have you ever tried a drink served out of a gas can? Well now you can say you did!
Image - The Cambus Wallace
The Cambus Wallace
Anne:Quaint with a mix of dark. You will like this place if you are social and like tight quarters.


Beaches for Days!

Image - Cabarita Beach
Cabarita Beach
Anne:Cute beach town
Image - Tallebudgera Creek
Tallebudgera Creek
Anne:If you don't like waves but want to be in the ocean, this is the place to be.
Image - Currumbin Beach
Currumbin Beach
Anne:Personally my favourite on the Gold Coast as it was never super busy
Image - Palm Beach
Palm Beach
Anne:If you want to see dogs live their best life, visit here. There a side for dogs and a side for everyone else.
Image - The Spit Gold Coast
The Spit Gold Coast
Anne:Permanent sand structure that separates the Gold Coast Broadwater from the open waters of the Pacific Ocean.
Image - Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach
Anne:This beach is super packed. If you are taking the bus, I wouldn't recommend it unless you do the coastal walk.
Image - Brunswick Heads
Brunswick Heads
Anne:Sweet talk a local and they'll be able to show you to the secret path to the other beach across the way ;)
Image - Fingal Head Beach
Fingal Head Beach
Anne:If you are lucky, you will be able to see a school of dolphins. Great look out point.
Image - Burleigh Heads
Burleigh Heads
Anne:Head over to Burleigh for a Sunday sesh. You can swim or find a spot on the hill and people watch.
Image - Coolangatta Beach
Coolangatta Beach
Anne:The first beach I stepped foot on. It is more rocky but it's close to the airport and has some nice views.
Image - Tweed Heads
Tweed Heads
Anne:Do you want to be Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember and be in two places at once? You can straddle the NSW and QLD border here.
Image - St Kilda beach
St Kilda beach
Anne:Melbourne isn't known as a beachy city but if you are dying to put your toes in the sand and get some vitamin sea, here ya go!
Image - Travelade Image
Dendy Street
Anne:Ever see the pics of multi-colored wooden bathing boxes lined on along the beach. Get your cameras ready cause this is where it is!

Give me all the food

I love food and so should you!

Image - The Paddock Bakery
The Paddock Bakery
Anne:They bake all sorts of goodies and their specialty desserts sell out fast, so don't sleep in!
Image - Miami Marketta
Miami Marketta
Anne:Live music and all the eats you can imagine.
Image - The Cardamom Pod
The Cardamom Pod
Anne:Cute venue and even better Acai bowl!
Image - Lucky Bao
Lucky Bao
Anne:I still dream about this place. Go with friends so you can try all the things on the menu.
Image - Bazaar Gold Coast
Bazaar Gold Coast
Anne:Buffet of your dreams. Share the dessert so you can try it all because you will be too stuffed to do it by yourself!
Image - Blackboard Varsity
Blackboard Varsity
Anne:Cute breakfast place with a hipster vibe. Wait, all of Australia is hipster...
Image - Emperor's Garden Restaurant
Emperor's Garden Restaurant
Anne:Sydney: wait in line for the Emperor Cream Puff window next to the entrance. Watch out: the filling is extremely hot!
Image - Burgster
Anne:Get the Crispy Chicken Skins
Image - Bonita Bonita
Bonita Bonita
Anne:The braised beef and cauliflower tacos are a must. Head next door to Bon Bon Bar for a more intimate vibe and food & drink specials
Image - Travelade Image
Justin Lane
Anne:Be sure to make a reservation and get the Zucchini pizza. If you are sitting at Burleigh Heads, they can deliver your pizza to you too
Image - Easy Street Diner
Easy Street Diner
Anne:Burgers and special fries. You...can't...go...wrong! Make a reservation because it is always packed.
Image - The Fish House
The Fish House
Anne:I was a poor student so I never got to go here but it is highly recommended by locals if you are okay with not having a budget #sad
Image - Hellenika
Image - The Kitchens
The Kitchens
Anne:Think food court mixed with boutique restaurants. A definite must!
Image - Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co
Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co
Anne:I don't even know how to begin to describe this place. Great quality burger, fries and shakes.
Image - Krish Indian Cuisine
Krish Indian Cuisine
Anne:When you need a hearty spicy meal
Image - Chiangmai Thai Restaurant Broadbeach
Chiangmai Thai Restaurant Broadbeach
Anne:The flavors here reminded me of my trip to Thailand in 2015
Image - Salt Meats Cheese Surfers Paradise
Salt Meats Cheese Surfers Paradise
Anne:They have a retail side if you want to pick some stuff up to cook at your hostel/hotel/place
Image - The Collective Palm Beach
The Collective Palm Beach
Anne:Eatery with a bunch of different food vendors
Image - The Salt Mill
The Salt Mill
Anne:Grab it to go and eat it on the beach across the street. Definitely recommend adding the chocolate oatmeal
Image - Lick! Ice Cream
Lick! Ice Cream
Anne:I dream about the Rum & Raisin. If you want a true aussie fave, go for the Redskin.
Image - Miss Margarita
Miss Margarita
Anne:If you are on the GC, go to the one in Broadbeach. The nachos are delicious.
Image - The Fish Food With a Difference
The Fish Food With a Difference
Anne:You can go anywhere on the Coast for this but this place is cheap and fast. Be sure to get the hot chips with chicken salt. Mhhhmmm salt.
Image - Hero Sushi Train
Hero Sushi Train
Anne:Best sushi establishment I found on the Coast. They are a chain so you will probably find them in every major city.
Image - Beach Burrito Co. Coolangatta
Beach Burrito Co. Coolangatta
Anne:Can you tell I love Mexican on the Coast? #arriba
Image - Gelato Messina Coolangatta
Gelato Messina Coolangatta
Anne:You can find this chain all around Australia. Don't go during peak times or you may be waiting for awhile
Image - Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart Melbourne Central
Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart Melbourne Central
Anne:Glorified cheese tart. You can find these all around Australia.
Image - OSushi Japanese Restaurant Broadbeach
OSushi Japanese Restaurant Broadbeach
Anne:Cute date spot and one of the few places sushi doesn't come off a conveyor belt
Image - Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
Anne:Eat your choco-heart out. Literally. You can find these all around Australia

Wonderguide map

  1. Action Outdoor Hire
  2. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. SkyPoint Observation Deck
  4. Gold Coast Jet Ski Safaris
  5. Learn to Surf
  6. Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours
  7. Icon The Cookery School
  8. NightOwl Convenience
  9. Surfers Paradise
  10. Woolworths
  11. Byron Bay
  12. Tamborine Mountain
  13. Mount Warning
  14. Beechmont Road
  15. Nimbin
  16. Great Ocean Road
  17. Garden Kitchen & Bar
  18. Little Mermaid
  19. The Loose Moose Tap & Grill House
  20. The Cambus Wallace
  21. Cabarita Beach
  22. Tallebudgera Creek
  23. Currumbin Beach
  24. Palm Beach
  25. The Spit Gold Coast
  26. Bondi Beach
  27. Brunswick Heads
  28. Fingal Head Beach
  29. Burleigh Heads
  30. Coolangatta Beach
  31. Tweed Heads
  32. St Kilda beach
  33. Dendy Street
  34. The Paddock Bakery
  35. Miami Marketta
  36. The Cardamom Pod
  37. Lucky Bao
  38. Bazaar Gold Coast
  39. Blackboard Varsity
  40. Emperor's Garden Restaurant
  41. Burgster
  42. Bonita Bonita
  43. Justin Lane
  44. Easy Street Diner
  45. The Fish House
  46. Hellenika
  47. The Kitchens
  48. Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co
  49. Krish Indian Cuisine
  50. Chiangmai Thai Restaurant Broadbeach
  51. Salt Meats Cheese Surfers Paradise
  52. The Collective Palm Beach
  53. The Salt Mill
  54. Lick! Ice Cream
  55. Miss Margarita
  56. The Fish Food With a Difference
  57. Hero Sushi Train
  58. Beach Burrito Co. Coolangatta
  59. Gelato Messina Coolangatta
  60. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart Melbourne Central
  61. OSushi Japanese Restaurant Broadbeach
  62. Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

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