Lichtenfels, Germany, the city of "Flechtkultur"

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kurt moeyersons

Lichtenfels, Germany, the city of "Flechtkultur"

....the festival is probably your best wickerwork experience ever...

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My favorite restaurants taste...

Image - Bei Toni Pizzeria
Bei Toni Pizzeria
kurt:... when you're in a hurry... you can sit outside for a very good pizza and cannelloni... or perhaps you'll prefer the "take a way" pizza­čśë
Image - Ristorante Bellini
Ristorante Bellini
kurt:Very cosy place to eat deliceous food.
Image - Pizzeria La Nave
Pizzeria La Nave
kurt:... Very good food. We loved the pizza vegetarian and the cannelloni with spinaz... without meat­čśë... Very good service and friendly people
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My Recommendations

Image - Lichtenfels
Lichtenfels it's still empty, but at the third weekend of September this is the place to be for the famous Lichtenfelser Korbmarkt. A unique mixture of international specialty market for wicker products, courses, events and international wickerwork designers. More on
Image - Deutsches Korbmuseum
Deutsches Korbmuseum
kurt:Very interesting museum showing you the history of basketweaving, locally and worldwide. Includes a small shop where you can by related books and locally produced baskets. Very friendly people.
Image - Stadtmuseum
kurt:In the stadsmuseum we saw an exposition of an artist combining painting and willow. As being a former basket weaver the result was exceptional. The program of the museum change very frequently. Certainly you'll notice some of interest. The museum is on walking distance of the city centre.
Image - Travelade Image
Hans Ender Flechtmaterial Import - Export e.K.
kurt:... The other provider... Quality products, excellent service... Situated on the top of a hill... But you'll find it­čśë
Image - Travelade Image
Andreas Schardt KG
kurt:....every time we visit Lichtenfels we frequent 2 providers of all basketweaving stuff. Andreas is one of them. You'll find not only willow, but also tools, wooden frames, wheels...etc...Don't forget to also go down stares...
Image - Staatliche Berufsfachschule f├╝r Flechtwerkgestaltung
Staatliche Berufsfachschule f├╝r Flechtwerkgestaltung
kurt:... during the weekend of the fair you can always visit the exposition of the students and other beautiful objects. On Saturday evening of the event you can find almost every basketmaker here to grab a bear, something to eat or just have a talk.
Image - Burg Lichtenfels
Burg Lichtenfels
kurt:.... during the fair, just free up time to visit the regular exhibitions on first and second floor. From there you've a wonderful view over the city if Lichtenfels.
Image - Gasthaus Wallachei
Gasthaus Wallachei
kurt:... Everytime we come to Lichtenfels we stay at Walachei. Very friendly people. And a good place to escape for a moment the crowds­čśë

Wonderguide map

  1. Bei Toni Pizzeria
  2. Ristorante Bellini
  3. Pizzeria La Nave
  4. Lichtenfels
  5. Deutsches Korbmuseum
  6. Stadtmuseum
  7. Hans Ender Flechtmaterial Import - Export e.K.
  8. Andreas Schardt KG
  9. Staatliche Berufsfachschule f├╝r Flechtwerkgestaltung
  10. Burg Lichtenfels
  11. Gasthof Pension M├╝ller
  12. Landgasthof Klosterhof
  13. Landgasthof Karolinenh├Âhe
  14. Hotel Preu├čischer Hof
  15. Korbstadthotel Krone
  16. Best Western Plus Kurhotel an der Obermaintherme
  17. Gasthaus Wallachei
  18. Landgasthof Fischer

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