Lembeh straith of Indonesia

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Tangkoko Sanctuary

Lembeh straith of Indonesia

The home of rare welknown muck critters

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In the middle of nature

Image - Tangkoko Sanctuary Villa & Spa
Tangkoko Sanctuary Villa & Spa
Tangkoko:For a great stay
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Image - Tangkoko Sanctuary Villa & Spa
Tangkoko Sanctuary Villa & Spa
Tangkoko:Take advantage of both above and underwater wildlife
Image - Bunaken National Marine Park
Bunaken National Marine Park
Tangkoko:Amazing corals reef for snorkler and divers
Image - Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve
Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve
Tangkoko:Above water wildlife adventure
Image - Mount Klabat
Mount Klabat
Tangkoko:Great for overnight hiking trip
Image - Waruga Airmadidi
Waruga Airmadidi
Tangkoko:Remaining of ancient stories
Image - Lake Linow
Lake Linow
Tangkoko:One of stop over for Minahasa highland tour
Image - Siladen Island
Siladen Island
Tangkoko:Beautiful beach sand island village
Image - Mount Mahawu
Mount Mahawu
Tangkoko:A stop over Minahasa highland tour
Image - Waraney Arung Jeram
Waraney Arung Jeram
Tangkoko:A great adventure in North Sulawesi
Image - Matahari Department Store MTC Megamas
Matahari Department Store MTC Megamas
Tangkoko:A stop for your supplies
Image - Sam Ratulangi International Airport
Sam Ratulangi International Airport
Tangkoko:Silk Air flies from Singapore to Manado every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. Domestic flights have regular flights to Manado Daily. New route from Davao to Manado has recently added.

Wonderguide map

  1. Tangkoko Sanctuary Villa & Spa
  2. Tangkoko Sanctuary Villa & Spa
  3. Bunaken National Marine Park
  4. Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve
  5. Mount Klabat
  6. Waruga Airmadidi
  7. Lake Linow
  8. Siladen Island
  9. Mount Mahawu
  10. Waraney Arung Jeram
  11. Matahari Department Store MTC Megamas
  12. Sam Ratulangi International Airport

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