Lefkada-The island that is land

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Lefkada-The island that is land

This tourist guide intends to inspire people to visit the amazing island of Lefkada, situated in the middle of the deep blue Ionian sea.The fact that the island is approachable by car, as it is connected to the mainland with a small bridge, gives the right to call it the island that is (main)land.

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The best beaches of the island

Image - Milos Beach
Milos Beach
George:One of the most breathtaking beaches of the island is Milos beach.You can approach it either by boat from the nearby small village of Agios Nikitas or by walking around 20 minutes.The view and the crystal clear water will compensate you for sure!
Image - Porto Katsiki
Porto Katsiki
George:Porto katsiki is the most popular beach of Lefkada and among the top beaches of Greece in general.This unique combination of rocks and blue water attracts thousands of visitors every summer.
Image - Agiofili Beach
Agiofili Beach
George:Agiofili is very small but equally beautiful to the other beaches of Lefkada.Most visitors approach this small bay by boat from the nearby port of Vasiliki, but there is also the option to drive to a certain point and then walk for around 15 minutes to get to this small paradise.
Image - Egremni Beach
Egremni Beach
George:Egremni beach is maybe the most spectacular beach of the island.Until 2015 visitors could approach this almost 2km length beach by going down 350 steps.Unfortunately, there was a big earthquake that year that destroyed the path so the only way now to get there is by boat.The most standard way is to get a cruise boat that offers island tour from Nidri port and stops also at Egremni beach.
Image - Kathisma Beach
Kathisma Beach
George:For the fans of intense beach experiences,Kathisma beach is the ideal place to be while in Lefkada.There are many beach bars, offering coffees, drinks and party music until late in the evening.For sure the favorite beach of young people!
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A small list of nice places to enjoy a meal in Lefkada

Image - Rachi Restaurant
Rachi Restaurant
George:Rachi restaurant is one of the most unique restaurants in Greece.Built on a mountainous village of the island,it gives the opportunity to the visitors to enjoy their meal often between the clouds or even over them.This feeling of swinging over the sky, combined with the tasteful menu of the restaurant absolutely justifies the reason why most of the times this place is crowded of people waiting to have a sit.
George:This is a small and quiet tavern just above the sea in the village of Nikiana.The homemade traditional foods will surely satisfy every visitor of this place after a day on the beach!
Image - Ταβέρνα "Ελένη"
Ταβέρνα "Ελένη"
George:This tavern is situated on the beautiful mountainous village of Karya.It offers very nice food in a cool mountainous environment between the trees, something that makes this place ideal for the hot days of summer.
Image - Tavern Zolithros
Tavern Zolithros
George:Situated at a southern village of Lefkada, Zolithros tavern is one of the best options for seafood.They offer fresh fish on a daily basis and its position just above the sea ensures that every visitor will have a unique visual and tasteful experience.

Local insights

A collection of unique places to see around Lefkada

Image - Meganisi
George:Meganisi is a small island to the southeast of Lefkada.It is recommended for someone that seeks for calmness combined with beautiful scenery.The frequent daily routes from Nidri port give the opportunity to the visitors to explore this magical small island even in just one day!
Image - Nidri Waterfalls
Nidri Waterfalls
George:This amazing island even has a waterfall to offer!There is water in it any time of the year giving the chance for diving inside and it's a nice way to spend a couple of hours around Nidri area.
Image - Karya
George:Karya is a very beautiful mountainous village in the middle of the island, surrounded by nature that makes it an all year round destination.There are many nice tavernas, cafes and shops that sell local products around the village, as well as a cultural museum.It is surely recommended to spend an afternoon or evening enjoying this place!
Image - Lefkada
George:The capital of the island, also called Lefkada is a very beautiful town, built just next to the sea.There are many restaurants, cafes, bars and souvenir shops offering multiple choices for entertaining to visitors from early morning until late in the night.The bridge near the small port is the most recognizable spot of the town and the ideal place to take a souvenir photo!

Experiences and activities

Activities worth trying while on the island

Image - paragliding-greece
George:For the fans of the extreme sports this activity is 100% recommended.You will be able to fly over the magical Lefkada beaches and enjoy the view of the deep blue and golden sand combined with adrenaline!You will also have the opportunity to keep photos and videos from this experience!
Image - Lefkas Cruises - Lefkada Cruises - Makedonia Palace - Ionian Princess
Lefkas Cruises - Lefkada Cruises - Makedonia Palace - Ionian Princess
George:This cruise boat is the ideal way to explore as much as you can of the Ionian sea in just one day,like a modern Odysseus.You can visit the famous Egremni beach, only accessible by boat after a recent earthquake, and also the nearby islands of Kefalonia and Ithaka for eating and swimming.Finally you can enjoy swimming near the private island of Skorpios, once owned by one of Greece's most rich persons, Onassis.
Image - Odysseia Daily Cruises
Odysseia Daily Cruises
George:Odysseia boat offers a journey in history while cruising around the eastern part of the island.Within some hours, visitors will be able to learn a lot about the island, to swim at Meganisi, Skorpios and another small remote beach of Lefkada and have a great time eating, dancing and enjoying the cruise!Definitely a must-do cruise while on Lefkada!
Image - Windsurfing Club Grand Nefeli
Windsurfing Club Grand Nefeli
George:Vasiliki is considered one of the top places for windsurfing worldwide and belongs to the european top3!For the fans of extreme water sports this is the place to be, as almost every day the wind is ideal for wind.There are also surfing schools for the beginners and a watersports festival organized every summer!

Wonderguide map

  1. Milos Beach
  2. Porto Katsiki
  3. Agiofili Beach
  4. Egremni Beach
  5. Kathisma Beach
  6. Rachi Restaurant
  8. Ταβέρνα "Ελένη"
  9. Tavern Zolithros
  10. Meganisi
  11. Nidri Waterfalls
  12. Karya
  13. Lefkada
  14. paragliding-greece
  15. Lefkas Cruises - Lefkada Cruises - Makedonia Palace - Ionian Princess
  16. Odysseia Daily Cruises
  17. Windsurfing Club Grand Nefeli

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