Leavenworth and the Greater Wenatchee Valley

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Ben & Jena Edwards


Things to eat, drink, and do in this.quaint "Bavarian Village" in central Washington. For some nearby attractions check out our Wenatchee Valley Guide (https://wonderguide.com/wenatchee)

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From casual to fancy, multi-course venues.

Image - Mana Restaurant
Mana Restaurant
Ben & Jena:Expensive but great. 5-8 courses and delicious drink pairings—we like the NA elixirs even more than the wines.
Image - Yodelin broth company and beer garden
Yodelin broth company and beer garden
Ben & Jena:Laid back, amazing and fresh food, good for families. Nice patio (though used to be an amazing patio)
Image - Andreas Keller Restaurant
Andreas Keller Restaurant
Ben & Jena:I mean this is a Bavarian town. This is probably your best bet if you are looking for something more than beer, brats, and pretzels.
Image - Old World Chophouse
Old World Chophouse
Ben & Jena:Great place that belies its location
Image - Larch Handcrafted Pasta & cocktails
Larch Handcrafted Pasta & cocktails
Ben & Jena:Great pasta and a good bar.
Image - München Haus
München Haus
Ben & Jena:Nice spot for lunch run by nice people.
Image - Blewett Brewing Company
Blewett Brewing Company
Ben & Jena:Great pizzas even if you don't just go for the beers.
Image - Anjou Bakery
Anjou Bakery
Ben & Jena:Not in Leavenworth, but worth the drive. Grab a pastry or sandwich with your coffee (as long as it is Thu-Sun)
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Great places to sit and sip (beer, wine, cider, etc)

Image - Pika Provisions
Pika Provisions
Ben & Jena:Shhhhh. Don't call it a speakeasy.
Image - Blewett Brewing Company
Blewett Brewing Company
Ben & Jena:Great pizza too!
Image - Boudreaux Cellars Tasting Room
Boudreaux Cellars Tasting Room
Ben & Jena:Great wine in a small space
Image - Bushel & Bee Taproom
Bushel & Bee Taproom
Ben & Jena:Great cider options and a few select beers.
Image - Plain Cellars Leavenworth Tasting Room
Plain Cellars Leavenworth Tasting Room
Ben & Jena:Don't let the name fool ya.
Image - Stein Leavenworth
Stein Leavenworth
Ben & Jena:Tons of taps!
Image - Icicle Brewing Company
Icicle Brewing Company
Ben & Jena:Really amped up their hazy IPA game recently but have lots of other options too.

Doing (for Adults)

The best things to do in and around the valley

Image - Colchuck Lake
Colchuck Lake
Ben & Jena:Amazing hike just outside of town—not for the faint of heart.
Image - Icicle Gorge Trailhead
Icicle Gorge Trailhead
Ben & Jena:4.5 mile loop that is easy for families. Not a lot of vertical gain at all.
Image - Osprey Rafting Company
Osprey Rafting Company
Ben & Jena:One of many outfits around but has a good reputation with the locals
Image - Icicle River Trail
Icicle River Trail
Ben & Jena:Nordic skiing—both classic and skate as well as snowshoeing options.

Doing (for Families)

The best things to do with the whole family, but especially with younger children

Image - Leavenworth Reindeer Farm
Leavenworth Reindeer Farm
Ben & Jena:One of many outfits around but has a good reputation with the locals
Image - Smallwood's Harvest
Smallwood's Harvest
Ben & Jena:It is actually quite easy to spend a few hours with the family at this petting zoo and activity center. You can also pick up some fresh fruit, etc.
Image - Leavenworth Ski Hill
Leavenworth Ski Hill
Ben & Jena:Fun for the family, tubing, skiing (small alpine hills, more dic trails. Cozy historic lodge for a beer or hot chocolate after.
Image - Blackbird Island
Blackbird Island
Ben & Jena:Walk around in nature just outside of town. There is also a few playgrounds and a (bike) pump track.
Image - Ski Hill Amphitheater
Ski Hill Amphitheater
Ben & Jena:Great place to see the Sound of Music show n an alpine setting.

Wonderguide map

  1. Mana Restaurant
  2. Yodelin broth company and beer garden
  3. Andreas Keller Restaurant
  4. Old World Chophouse
  5. Larch Handcrafted Pasta & cocktails
  6. München Haus
  7. Blewett Brewing Company
  8. Anjou Bakery
  9. Pika Provisions
  10. Blewett Brewing Company
  11. Boudreaux Cellars Tasting Room
  12. Bushel & Bee Taproom
  13. Plain Cellars Leavenworth Tasting Room
  14. Stein Leavenworth
  15. Icicle Brewing Company
  16. Colchuck Lake
  17. Icicle Gorge Trailhead
  18. Osprey Rafting Company
  19. Icicle River Trail
  20. Leavenworth Reindeer Farm
  21. Smallwood's Harvest
  22. Leavenworth Ski Hill
  23. Blackbird Island
  24. Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery - Hatchery Building
  25. Lake Wenatchee State Park
  26. Ski Hill Amphitheater

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