Las Vegas Low Roller: Where to Stay

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Allison Hermann

Las Vegas Low Roller: Where to Stay

Low Roller: A budget-conscious traveler to Las Vegas always looking for a deal and to have the most fun on the least amount of $$

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South Strip Budget Hotels

These hotels are located on the southernmost end of the Las Vegas Strip. This section of the Strip is the low roller's dream! Accommodations, restaurants, casinos, and shows are all going to be the most affordable and the vibe is incredible! All properties listed are owned by MGM and can be booked on

Image - Park MGM Las Vegas
Park MGM Las Vegas
Allison:Park MGM is my #1 recommendation. I absolutely love it here. The amenities are almost too abundant to list, but I'll try: 1. THE FREE TRAM! There is a free tram that runs every day between Park MGM north to Bellagio, with a stop at Aria in between. This is a massive perk to save some steps in a city where breaking 25-30k steps per day are the norm. 2. European vibe. Park MGM rooms are the first and only on the list that make you feel like you aren't in a standard hotel room anywhere in the US. All the rooms are a European style with neutral greens and reds and you just feel like you are somewhere special. 3. Eataly. Eataly Las Vegas is one of my favorite stops every trip! It's even better when you're staying at Park MGM and can wander down for morning coffee, stop on your way out for a cocktail or wine flight, or to grab tipsy traveler dessert or pizza on your way back to the room at night. 4. Location. You're basically at the beginning of the "center strip" and you're all but connected to some of the hippest, swankiest hotels and casinos but you're still paying low roller price!
Image - Luxor Hotel & Casino
Luxor Hotel & Casino
Allison:I LOVE LUXOR. The first hotel I ever stayed in Vegas way back in 2013, I have loved this casino since day one. The ambiance, customer service, decor, and casino are all next level. I won my very first jackpot here in 2020 and would recommend to absolutely anyone. There is a free tram connecting you to the two casinos surrounding it for convenience.
Image - Excalibur Hotel & Casino
Excalibur Hotel & Casino
Allison:Not my first choice or recommendation for a budget friendly stay, but I have stayed at Excalibur and sometimes the deals they offer are just too good to pass up for the low roller. My only stay was in 2014 and it was a standard hotel room. In my research I have found that they have become a bit outdated since. That being said, Excalibur is one of my top 3 favorite casinos in Las Vegas. The vibe here is a constant party, the free drinks while you're gambling flow constantly, and the budget food options are plentiful! There is a food court between Luxor and Excalibur that we nearly lived off of when we first when to Vegas in 2013-2014 and is a great option for those who are trying to minimize their food budget!
Image - New York-New York Hotel & Casino
New York-New York Hotel & Casino
Allison:Keeping up with the theme of good vibes and favorite casinos, next up we have New York New York. This casino is one of my absolute favorite in the entire city. The New York theme is next level, the rooms are standard hotel rooms but are super clean and have really comfortable king sized beds! I would stay here any trip. Bonus is Tom's Urban which is connected from the outside and is one of our favorite spots to use our MyVegas rewards (2/1 Tom Sized Beers which are 40 oz each). If you're a hockey fan please pregame here before a Vegas Golden Knight's's a blast!
Image - MGM Grand
MGM Grand
Allison:I'm 50/50 on MGM Grand. On one hand, their pool is UNREAL! Talk about a party pool! They have multiple pools but the main draw is the lazy river that is just a nonstop party! Staying here in the summertime on a girls or boys trip is always a great idea! That being said, their most budget friendly room is the "West Wing Room" and avoid it at all cost! It's a tiny room with very little privacy. Worth a stay in any of the other rooms if you find a great deal in the summer!
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Mid-Strip Budget Hotels

The next series of hotels are located in the middle of the Strip and are owned by Caesars and can be booked on My personal brand loyalty lies with MGM properties, but these properties are amazing options for staying in the center of all of the action at that low roller budget!

Image - Bally's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
Bally's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
Allison:I have never stayed at Bally's however I have a handful of friends who only stay here when they go to Vegas. While Bally's isn't technically on the Las Vegas Strip, it is located right off it and is connected to the Paris hotel so it counts. Also, because it isn't "on strip" you benefit from massive savings in a prime location!
Image - Harrah's Las Vegas
Harrah's Las Vegas
Allison:Harrah's is connected to one of our family's favorite spots on the strip. Located across the street from Caesars Palace and the Mirage is this little mini strip of really old casinos like Casino Royale and a lot of really cheap eats like Mcdonalds, White Castle, etc. The Harrah's casino is always one of our favorite spots to gamble and this would be a great spot to stay for maximum low food budget while being in the heart of the Strip.
Image - Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
Allison:I love the Flamingo so much that before Covid cancelled our wedding, we were getting married there! I love these older Caesars properties so much more than I do their newer and more updated ones. The casino is amazing, the flamingo habitat is so exciting to see and I am pretty sure the Flamingo pool is a big party pool so that's always fun. Awesome location, half of their rooms are updated and I would always be happy to stay here!
Image - The LINQ Hotel + Experience
The LINQ Hotel + Experience
Allison:The LINQ is a really interesting property. Just newly rebuilt from what was known as one of the worst hotels on the strip, The LINQ is a hotel/casino/promenade full of restaurants, bars, and the location of the famous High Roller. The most accessible IN N Out Burger is also located at the Linq Promenade which is super important to me as I am Team In N Out (suck it Shake Shack) in the fast food burger war! So the Linq as a hotel property is very geared toward younger, college aged visitors. They offer rooms with bunk beds that can room multiple people which is an incredible offer for those younger visitors. Carrying over on the young 20s theme, the pool is also a party pool and the casino offers throwback entertainment like group Mario Kart, dance parties, and there's just a really youthful vibe.
Image - Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino
Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino
Allison:Planet Hollywood is kind of a sleeper in my opinion. I have never known anyone who has actually stayed at this hotel and I don't think I have ever even seen the main entrance for the hotel. However! If you can find a great deal here you could not be set up better to keep to your drink/food budget! Planet Hollywood has an attached mall that lines the Las Vegas Strip called the Miracle Mile shops. This mall is hands down the best collection of budget restaurants, fast food, fast casual, happy hours and liquor stores. In fact, my favorite ABC liquor store is located here and is the best spot for alcohol on the Strip! Because of this I feel that Planet Hollywood would be an incredible stay for the budget conscious traveler!

My Recommendations

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  1. Park MGM Las Vegas
  2. Luxor Hotel & Casino
  3. Excalibur Hotel & Casino
  4. New York-New York Hotel & Casino
  5. MGM Grand
  6. Bally's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
  7. Harrah's Las Vegas
  8. Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
  9. The LINQ Hotel + Experience
  10. Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino

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