Soak up the Sun in Lake Como, Italy!

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Christy Woodrow

Soak up the Sun in Lake Como, Italy!

Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps in Italy's Lombardy region, Lake Como is known for its Renaissance architecture and dramatic scenery. This is the perfect destination for all types of travelers seeking Italian sunshine, relaxing villas, and great food!

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Some must-do things while visiting Lake Como!

Image - Enoteca La Principessa
Enoteca La Principessa
Christy:Located in Bellagio, the Enoteca La Principessa winery is a great place to go to get educated on the history of wine in the area. It's a must-see for wine connoisseurs!
Image - Monte Crocione
Monte Crocione
Christy:Hiking Monte Crocione is a must if you're in Tremezzo. This 7-8 hour hike offers great views of the Alps and even has a historical cross at the peak.
Image - Forte Di Fuentes
Forte Di Fuentes
Christy:The Forte Di Fuentes ruins are located in the north of Lake Como by Colico and date back to the 17th century when the area was under Spanish Control. It's a must-see!
Image - Bellagio Water Sports
Bellagio Water Sports
Christy:In my opinion, one of the best ways to experience Lake Como is by water. Kayaking is a great way to do this, but you can also rent a canoe or boat, or go parasailing, windsurfing, or kitesurfing.
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These are my most recommended villages to visit on Lake Como!

Image - Varenna
Christy:A charming little community overlooking the central part of the lake, Varenna is known for its beautiful walkways, lively town center, and Villa Monastero -- a museum and botanical garden. Note that while the town is a peaceful retreat most of the year, the waterfront tends to get busy during tourist season.
Image - Bellano
Christy:A small, quiet village on the eastern shore of Lake Como, Bellano is perfect if you're looking for a tranquil and relaxing getaway. The town is known for the Orrido di Bellano, its ravine and gorge, which has multiple footbridges attached to rocks which makes it easy for exploring. Plus, there are waterfalls and caves nearby.
Image - Bellagio
Christy:Right down the road from Bellano, Bellagio is filled with classy boutiques, villas, the beautiful Villa Melzi gardens, and delectable wine bars. Bellagio is also extremely close to Bellano, so you can easily get the best of both worlds.
Image - Como
Christy:One of the more urban communities on Lake Como, Como has a lively atmosphere with a steady stream of guests. While here, I'd recommend visiting the local Gothic-designed cathedral, the Como Archaeological Museum, and, for a new vantage point, the Funicular to Brunate.
Image - Griante
Christy:Griante is a stunning town that is most popularly visited as the starting point to the Monte Legnone hike. The town is only 30 kilometers from the city of Como and has many beautiful villas to explore and stay in.
Image - Lecco
Christy:Set along the eastern edge of Lake Como, Lecco is a low key community that is fairly void of any hustle and bustle. While quieter, it still has everything you'd find in a more visited town such as beaches, watersports, and great hotels.
Image - Tremezzo
Christy:Tremezzo is home to beautiful villas, art museums, medieval fortresses, and amazing views. The town is often used as the starting point to the Mount Crocione hike -- a 7-8 hour trek that is a must for any avid hiker.
Image - Brunate
Christy:Known for its hilly scenery and great view of Lake Como, Brunate is often referred to as “the balcony of the Alps." The town is easily accessed by the Como Funicular.
Image - Cernobbio
Christy:A popular spot for visitors, Cernobbio is a town full of palaces, villas, and concerts and events. Even so, the town manages to retain a quaint feel that's a little more charming than the nearby cities.
Image - Menaggio
Christy:Set along the western edge of Lake Como, Menaggio is a lively town home to narrow alleyways, boutiqus, restaurants, and a historic harbor. This is the place to come if you want to play some golf, hike up the ruins of a medieval castle, and do some water sports.


If you're needing a place to stay on Lake Como, look no further!

Image - Albergo Ristorante Montecodeno
Albergo Ristorante Montecodeno
Christy:Hotel Montecodeno, located in Varenna and just a three-minute walk from Lake Como, is a perfect mid-budget option. It also offers a bike rental!
Image - Hotel Como
Hotel Como
Christy:Hotel Como is the perfect stay if you're looking for classier accommodations. The hotel features a garden, swimming pool, and is very close to the town center.
Image - Hotel Bazzoni
Hotel Bazzoni
Christy:Located in Tremezzo, Hotel Bazzoni is right in the town center and offers great views of the lake.
Image - Hotel Royal Victoria
Hotel Royal Victoria
Christy:Hotel Royal Victoria is where to go for a more upscale stay in Varenna. This hotel offers a pool, two restaurants, and gardens.

Wonderguide map

  1. Enoteca La Principessa
  2. Monte Crocione
  3. Forte Di Fuentes
  4. Bellagio Water Sports
  5. Varenna
  6. Bellano
  7. Bellagio
  8. Como
  9. Griante
  10. Lecco
  11. Tremezzo
  12. Brunate
  13. Cernobbio
  14. Menaggio
  15. Albergo Ristorante Montecodeno
  16. Hotel Como
  17. Hotel Bazzoni
  18. Hotel Royal Victoria

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