Lake Bled - A Slovenian jewel

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Lake Bled - A Slovenian jewel

What makes Slovenia the most beautiful country is it's diversity. You can start your day in the mountains and end it at the seaside. Every country has it's jewel, the pride of the nation, and Lake Bled ist that jewel for us. It can amaze you in every season of the year. Check it out yourself.

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Image - 9 Incredible Things to See in Lake Bled
9 Incredible Things to See in Lake Bled
Amanda:Lake Bled is more than just a lake! The town where it is located offers many different things from delicious food to beautiful nature. I like to call it the whole package :)
Image - Sava hoteli Bled - Sava Hotels & Resorts
Sava hoteli Bled - Sava Hotels & Resorts
Amanda:One of the most popular hotels in Bled with The Park Café where you can find the famous, delicious original Bled cream cake or "kremšnita" and eat it with a beautiful view of the lake.
Image - Bled Castle
Bled Castle
Amanda:Best panoramic view in town for sure! From up here, you can see the lake, the town and the surrounding mountains. Besides that, you can also discover the rich history of the castle and have some delicious food.
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Food and drinks

When hungry in Bled, these are the solutions

Image - Restavracija Sova Bled
Restavracija Sova Bled
Amanda:One of the highest-rated restaurants around Lake Bled. It offers different cuisines such as Seafood, International, European, Fusion, Slovenian, Central European and a lovely atmosphere.
Image - Wine Tasting Bled
Wine Tasting Bled
Amanda:Slovenia is a wine country so this is a must while visiting. And of course, you can get the real wine experience right here in Bled. The wines are all locally made and delicious.
Image - Confectionery Zima
Confectionery Zima
Amanda:The confectionery with the longest tradition in Bled. They offer a large selection of home-made desserts, ice cream and great coffee.

Sport and relaxation

Since you are surrounded by the mountains, you might as well do some hiking and afterwards you can relax in a spa too.

Image - Wellness Živa
Wellness Živa
Amanda:The most famous spa and wellness centre in Bled where you can relax, enjoy the mountain air and admire the beautiful views.
Image - The Best Day Hikes in Slovenia
The Best Day Hikes in Slovenia
Amanda:There are lots of options for hiking in and around Bled. However, if you prefer to just go for a chill walk, just go around the lake and enjoy the beauty around you.
Image - Ojstrica
Amanda:The most popular viewpoint of Lake Bled is the Ostricja lookout, which offers a magic panoramic view of the Lake Bled island. It also only takes about 30 min from town to reach it. If you can handle more, then you can just continue your way up and reach other viewpoints.

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  1. Sava hoteli Bled - Sava Hotels & Resorts
  2. Bled Castle
  3. Restavracija Sova Bled
  4. Wine Tasting Bled
  5. Confectionery Zima
  6. Wellness Živa
  7. Ojstrica

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