Kupang ...and beyond!

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Kupang ...and beyond!

West Timor is a true off-grid destination. While many other islands nearby offer pristine white sand beaches, world-class surfs and authentic culinary experiences, West Timor really sets itself apart with its tribal culture. You can talk to warchiefs, young crown princes and sip tea with a king.

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Unspoiled Nature

The topography and nature found in West Timor is spectacular and very unique. It is at the very south of Indonesia, but its climate is rather arid and similar to Australia.

Image - Rote island
Rote island
Tristan:Indonesia has 17,000 islands. Rote Island is the southernmost island. It is the originating place of the sasando instrument and a true mecca for adventurous surfers.
Image - Pantai Tablolong
Pantai Tablolong
Tristan:Tablolong Beach is a massive white sand beach, dotted with lovely little huts. There is also an incredibly idyllic patch of mangroves in the center. It is definitely worth the bumpy ride.
Image - Goa Kristal Bolok
Goa Kristal Bolok
Tristan:This cave is stunning and a great short scooter trip away from Kupang. If you want it to look like it does on the picture, then come here at 11am when the sunlight has the perfect angle to illuminate the water. Parking costs 5k IDR and you will likely be accompanied by some kids who will act as your tour guides. Beware that the climb down to the water is incredibly slippery and steep.
Image - Jembatan Noelmina
Jembatan Noelmina
Tristan:This bridge provides you a great viewpoint of the canyon beneath. The one that has marked the natural border of tribal territories for centuries.
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Cultural Highlights - Indigienous tribes, local music & street food

A trip to Kupang and its surroundings is a real cultural shock. But you will gain incredibly insights into a completely different world. It is also one of the most tolerant cities in Indonesia. Many of its indigenous tribes cannot be dotted on a map, but everyone knows someone that knows a guide, who can take you there ;P

Image - Tempat Pembuatan Sasando
Tempat Pembuatan Sasando
Tristan:This is a Sasando Workshop. The family here has a generation of 12 siblings. 6 of them play the instrument, 6 of them build it. You can even buy a handmade instrument here for 100-400$. But don't feel pressured to buy anything. The people here are very kind and always happy to entertain visitors for a small donation. (around 50k IDR seems appropriate). You can even ask to put on the hat and play it yourself. It is a magical instrument.
Image - Pasar Malam Seafood
Pasar Malam Seafood
Tristan:This is the great night market. Kupang completely lacks any kind of city center, however if you are looking for streetfood at night. This is the place to go from 6pm onwards. While most of it is in fact seafood, you will also find vegetarian options such as gado-gado or tempeh bakar.
Image - Pasar Inpres Niki-Niki
Pasar Inpres Niki-Niki
Tristan:Niki-Niki is an authentic tribal market. It's a bit of a journey to get to. If you are visiting the king of boti, your guide will take you here to buy some betelnut as an offering. Buying drugs for a king. Not many people have done that before!

In case you have some spare time...

While the above two collections feature all the must-sees, these ones may be worthwhile if you have spare time or happen to ride past them.

Image - NTT Regional Museum
NTT Regional Museum
Tristan:A small museum about the Nusa Tenggara Region. Lots of interesting information. The highlight is a complete skeleton of a beach blue whale
Image - Lippo Plaza Kupang
Lippo Plaza Kupang
Tristan:The only big mall in Kupang. Great for some downtime.
Image - Goa Tourism Monkey
Goa Tourism Monkey
Tristan:A monkey cave. Not that spectacular but a nice place to stop by if you're on the way to crystal cave or tablolong beach

Wonderguide map

  1. Rote island
  2. Pantai Tablolong
  3. Goa Kristal Bolok
  4. Jembatan Noelmina
  5. Tempat Pembuatan Sasando
  6. Pasar Malam Seafood
  7. Pasar Inpres Niki-Niki
  8. NTT Regional Museum
  9. Lippo Plaza Kupang
  10. Goa Tourism Monkey

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