City of Kraków

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City of Kraków

The city of Kraków, one of the most beautiful city's in Poland.

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Image - Jewish Square
Jewish Square
Image - BaniaLuka
Serafim:Good food and the cheapiest place to drink beer.
Image - Auschwitz & Salt Mine tour to
Auschwitz & Salt Mine tour to
Serafim:The death camp.
Image - Cracow City Tours
Cracow City Tours
Serafim:You can find here tours for every places with guides.
Image - Segway Tour
Segway Tour
Image - Krakow Pub Crawl - Pubs, Bars & Clubs
Krakow Pub Crawl - Pubs, Bars & Clubs
Serafim:A good experience to drink a lot and know lot of people.
Image - Wieliczka Salt Mine
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Serafim:Wonderful Churches.
Image - Zakopane
Serafim:One of the most beautiful places in Poland.
Image - Travelade Image
Image - Prozak 2.0
Prozak 2.0
Image - Choice Club
Choice Club
Image - Shakers Club
Shakers Club
Image - Beer House
Beer House
Image - Shooting Range Krakow - Cracow Shooting Academy
Shooting Range Krakow - Cracow Shooting Academy
Serafim:Good place to shoot with a lot of guns.
Image - Main Square
Main Square
Image - Main Market Square
Main Market Square
Serafim:A place to visit and buy some things.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Jewish Square
  2. Ghetto Heroes Square
  3. Wawel Royal Castle
  4. Church of St. Wojciech
  5. Church of St. Giles
  6. Church of St. Anne
  7. Church of St. Bernardino of Siena
  8. BaniaLuka
  9. Auschwitz & Salt Mine tour to
  10. Cracow City Tours
  11. Auschwitz Tours
  12. Segway Tour
  13. Good Cracow Tours Sp. z o.o. - Free tours in Krakow
  14. SeeKrakow Local Tours
  15. Crazy Guides - Nowa Huta Communism Tours in Krakow
  16. - Krakow Tours and Airport Transfers
  17. Poland Active Travel Agency - Krakow sightseeing - Local Tours in Cracow
  18. Krakow Pub Crawl - Pubs, Bars & Clubs
  19. Cruising Krakow Bike and Segway Tours & Rentals
  20. Wieliczka Salt Mine
  21. Zakopane
  22. Schindler's List Passage
  23. Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory
  24. Oskar Schindler's Villa
  25. Saint John Paul II Church in Kraków
  26. John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport
  27. St. James Chapel In John Paul II Center
  28. Floriańska
  29. Four Music Club
  30. Prozak 2.0
  31. Shine Club Kraków
  32. Choice Club
  33. Cocon Music Club
  34. Shakers Club
  35. Beer House
  36. Shooting Range Krakow - Cracow Shooting Academy
  37. Main Square
  38. Town Hall Tower
  39. Main Market Square
  40. Teatro Cubano Krakow
  41. Juliusz Słowacki Theatre
  42. Teatr Bagatela (small)

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