Kongsvinger - tiny but jolly

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Tatsiana Pekarskaya

Kongsvinger - tiny but jolly

The fact that a city is small, doesn't mean that it is dead and provides nothing to explore!

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The main attraction of the city - Fortress. It was built in a strategically important point - a place where can be seen all Glomma’s wing.

Image - Fortress Hotel & Resort
Fortress Hotel & Resort
Tatsiana:If you are dreaming about a wedding in a historical place, here you go. In the fortress there are possibilities to rent a room for a night and have a banquet.
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Rafting on Glomma

For lovers of extreme rest, here can be found an activity, too. Don't you want to take a chance and overcome the longest river in Norway? Sure? Then, check out rafting possibilities on Glomma.

Image - Glomma
Tatsiana:In summer small islands in the middle of the river appear. So, you could take a one-time grill and have a small break there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsAB9Nb3KJ4

The Women's Museum Norway

In the place you have a posibility to get to know the story of women fights to get their rights in society. The museum is located in the house of Dagny Juel, who was a well-known pianist, writer and boheme.

Image - Kvinnemuseet
Tatsiana:The only Womens museum in Norway. For more info: https://www.visitnorway.com/ listings/womens-museum/11164/

Cafe Bohem

The Cafe is counted to be the best in the city. And it is not surprising, because of it's lovely atmosphere, tasty traditional buns and beautiful fontains in a garden. An unusual telephone box prrovides a special charm to the to place.

Image - Kafe Bohem
Kafe Bohem


The forest not only have interesting etimology, but also provides a lot of possibilities to enjoy the nature. Here you can take a canoe or kayak, go fishing, live in an authentic wooden house or in treetop-cabins and a lot of other!

Image - Finnskogen
Image - PAN Tretopphytter
PAN Tretopphytter
Tatsiana:The cabons are made of 100% local wood. An overview: https://www.frameweb.com/news/pan-treetop-cabins-norway-glamping

Ice fishing on Bæreia

If you are happy to be in Kongsvinger during winter period, take a chance not only to enjoy a beauty of Bæreia lake but also trying there such a pacifying activity as ice fishing.

Image - Bæreia
Tatsiana:In summer the lake is a popular place for swimming.

Winter Festival

Forget about tourist busses! If you are lucky to appear in Kongsvinger at the first week of February, you should visit Winter Festifal. The whole city goes out to Storgata, enjoying sledging through the whole street. Check out this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgNScA2Z4

Image - Travelade Image
Tatsiana:The main street in the city which is located in the old part of it. You have a chance to see enjoy architecture from 18th century.

Railway Station

The railway station was opened in 1862 and kept its shape from that time. It is laying on a hight 148,1 meters. The station is a lage wood transportation terminal.

Wonderguide map

  1. Kongsvinger Fortress
  2. Fortress Hotel & Resort
  3. Glomma
  4. Kvinnemuseet
  5. Kafe Bohem
  6. Finnskogen Tourist & Wilderness Center
  7. Finnskogen
  8. Norsk Skogfinsk Museum
  9. PAN Tretopphytter
  10. Bæreia
  11. Storgata
  12. Kongsvinger stasjon

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