Koh Phi Phi

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Koh Phi Phi

Paradise Islands

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Image - Maya Bay
Maya Bay
Olive:One of the Iconic spots in thailand. Maya Bay was made famous by the film “The Beach” featuring Leonardo Di Caprio. Snorkelling near Maya bay is fun! Dont miss it
Image - Monkey Beach
Monkey Beach
Olive:Take photos with monkey on beach. monkey beach can be reached taking a boat trip. Crystal clear water beach along the mountains of Koh phi phi leh
Image - Phi Phi Sea Sky Resort
Phi Phi Sea Sky Resort
Olive:Stays placed on the terrains viewing the Turquoise sea. It is a amazing place to stay with affordable prices.
Image - Viking Nature Resort
Viking Nature Resort
Olive:Located along the viking beach, it is a nice place to stay. the rooms are place on the contours of the hills, we have to trek along the single pathways.
Image - Viking Beach
Viking Beach
Image - Ton Sai Beach
Ton Sai Beach
Olive:Scenic, tranquil beach surrounded by trees & dramatic cliffs popular for rock climbing.
Image - Lo Sama Bay
Lo Sama Bay
Olive:Scenic bay with a small green island known for its snorkeling, with boat tours & rentals.snorkel with colorful fishes.
Image - Viking Cave
Viking Cave
Image - Himalaya Restaurant
Himalaya Restaurant
Olive:Himayala Restaurant for indian food in Phi phi don
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Wonderguide map

  1. Maya Bay
  2. Monkey Beach
  3. Phi Phi Sea Sky Resort
  4. Viking Nature Resort
  5. Viking Beach
  6. Ao Tonsai Pier
  7. Ton Sai Beach
  8. Lo Sama Bay
  9. Viking Cave
  10. Loh Dalum Beach
  11. Himalaya Restaurant
  12. View Point 1 (I love Phi Phi)

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