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Kerala Tour Package

Kerala is a state on the southwestern tropical Malabar Coast of India

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Image - Dutch Palace Pond
Dutch Palace Pond
vijay:Kochi (also known as Cochin) is a city in southwest India's coastal Kerala state. It has been a port since 1341, when a flood carved out its harbor and opened it to Arab, Chinese and European merchants. Sites reflecting those influences include Fort Kochi, a settlement with tiled colonial bungalows and diverse houses of worship. Cantilevered Chinese fishing nets, typical of Kochi, have been in use for centuries.
Image - Fort Kochi
Fort Kochi
vijay:A charming seaside area, Fort Kochi is known for its Dutch, Portuguese, and British colonial architecture, and elaborate bamboo fishing nets at Fort Kochi Beach. St. Francis Church was the original burial site of explorer Vasco da Gama. Upscale eateries and chic cafes serve Keralan specialties, and quaint shops sell cotton clothing and handmade souvenirs. Heritage buildings house contemporary art galleries.
Image - The Rice Boat
The Rice Boat
vijay:A favorite of Kochi's well-to-do and considered one of Kerala's best restaurants, the plush Rice Boat has a prime location right on the harbor. The restaurant, which has windows on three sides, is long and shaped like a traditional wooden boat. The menu stresses seafood, as you might expect, with much of it often caught just a few hours ago in the Chinese fishing nets or in boats nearby. Kerala specialties are made with saltwater, and the local freshwater fish are grilled and cooked in traditional curries. Try the meen pollichathu, the local pearl spot cooked wrapped in banana leaf. The showpiece is an interactive kitchen where you can chat with the chef as he prepares your meal.
Image - Zam Zam Restaurant
Zam Zam Restaurant
vijay:A restaurant with a great environment, Zam Zam Restaurant is where you come to for a great dining experience. Usually very packed with people, Zam Zam Restaurant has been able to attract guests time and again with their superior foods. The place has been in existence since 1979, and has stood the test of time. You must try the biryani here, along with other dishes such as shawarma, al-faham, and shawai. The restaurant staff is extremely polite and the service is really fast, so you really do not have to wait too for your food to come.
Image - Mattancherry Palace
Mattancherry Palace
vijay:The Mattancherry Palace is a Portuguese palace popularly known as the Dutch Palace, in Mattancherry, Kochi, in the Indian state of Kerala which features Kerala murals depicting portraits and exhibits of the Rajas of Kochi. The palace was included in the "tentative list" of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Image - Dhe Puttu
Dhe Puttu
Image - Fort Kochi Beach
Fort Kochi Beach
vijay:The Fort Kochi beach is a beach along the Arabian Sea, situated in Fort Kochi in the city of Kochi in South India, Kerala state.
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  1. Dutch Palace Pond
  2. Fort Kochi
  3. The Rice Boat
  4. Zam Zam Restaurant
  5. Mattancherry Palace
  6. Dhe Puttu
  7. Fort Kochi Beach
  8. Paragon Restaurant,Lulu Mall.
  10. Paradesi Jewish Synagogue

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