Kenyan Coast and Safari

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Cristina Rugo

Kenyan Coast and Safari

Wild Nature, White sand beaches, Breathtaking Panoramas and Warm Swahili Culture. This is Kenya!

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WATAMU Watamu is a beautiful and peaceful village overlooking the Indian Ocean, nestled between white sand beaches and lush tropical forest. Since it was first settled as a remote Swahili outpost at Gedi, this area has remained a haven of peace and tranquility and is still one of the coast's most uncontaminated villages. Well known for the Marine National Park and Biosfere Reserve, it is a paradise for snorkellers. It is also an excellent base from which to explore the different parks and beaches.

Image - Watamu
Image - Watamu Beach
Watamu Beach
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Closest Airports and Tranfers Watamu is situated approx. 30 min drive from Malindi Airport; however most of the flights from Europe to Malindi are quite expensive. I recommend to Fly to Mombasa and then take a transfer to Watamu, it takes approximately 2h to reach Watamu. I have found flights to Mombasa for 350 GBP, ask me for this, I have constant alerts for best flight fares to Kenya. Or you can fly to Nairobi and then take a 30 min internal flight to Malindi, the cost is the same as Mombasa plus 100 GBP for the internal flight to Malindi. Transfer: If you are a group I recommend to book a transfer, usually every hotel has one or a Shuttle bus but it takes more time. I actually know a lot of local guys organizing transfers, please ask me for this, the fares are cheaper and they will tell you stories about Africa during the journey, quite entertaining! Price: from 50 GBP to 100 GBP according to the number of people. Not Recommended: Uber or Public Coach. Is not possible to hire a car and drive, you need to have an African Driver, some Car rentals have this as a service but I will make sure that the driver is an experienced one as the roads are not in good conditions and people drive completely crazy!! the risk of accident is high. Ask me for this please. From Malindi a Taxy/Hotel Transfer, Local guys taxy or if you wan to go African Style, you can take a Matatu, a local bus It is about 5 GBP.


There are plenty of options for the stay from the most luxurious resort to the backpackers ecopark, it just depends on your budget and of the experience you are looking for. I will suggest here below couple of options... Feel free to contact me for more information

Image - Kobe Suite Resort
Kobe Suite Resort
Cristina:Luxory Hotel situated just in front of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (my favourite) Garoda Beach. Being located about 10 min drive from Watamu town center this resort is recommended for whom is looking for tranquility, relax and a luxory stay. The restaurant also welcomes hotel non guests so if you are around just for the day and you want to give yourself a treat, I really recommend it. The food is fresh and a bit more gourmet in comparison to the restaurants in the town center. For the fish lovers I recommend the fish tartarre. The Price is around 15 sterling pounds for a starter and a main course. Full English breakfast is served here.
Cristina:I stayed here the first time I came to Watamu, it is very beautiful guest house in Watamu city center, 5 min walking to Watamu beach. Is a complex of 4 very spacious flats, each one has a big living kitchen area with table chair and 2 sofa, 1 big bathroom and 1 bedroom all furnished in African style. Is ideal for groups and families and if you are planning to do self catering. There is a relaxing and swimming common area downstairs. 1 h Massage can be organised apon request for 10 pounds. There is always someone of the staff available for any request, also for grossery. Omar the 24h night porter is always available and looks after the flats and I also recommend him for the Airport transfers. Private chef for dinner, lunch and breakfast available apon request. I recommend the fish grilled platter from the living in Chef Kalama. Alessandro and Stafano, the owners are very friendly and you can book and organize the excursions directly with them.
Image - Paki House
Paki House
Cristina:Same owners as Latannas, the villa is in in traditional African style, only rooms available.. The top floor is super cool all open space and you can sleep open air (with nets of course) and enjoy the breeze. It is situated 5 min walking to Watamu beach and the famous beach restaurant Coconut Beach. Staff members 24 h available for anything, also for private cooking. Big swimming pool and relax area in the middle of a tropical nature. For excursions as previously said you can book directly with Alessandro and Stefano. Private Airport transfers available.
Image - Sea Whispers Inn, Watamu
Sea Whispers Inn, Watamu
Cristina:Simple Budget accommodation in Watamu Town center, close to Watamu beach. Possibility to rent the entire flat or only the room. Fausto the manager is very friendly and can look after you for Excursions bookings and general info's. Staff members 24h available. Shuttle bus from and to the airports available. Very good and clean place for a budget option. Breakfast available on request with 5 pounds extra per day.


I will put here below all the Information regadring the visits and excursion i recommend. I will recommend to do any of this excursion with a local guide, I knew many of them very nice and reliable so you can get the real feeling of Africa and you wont be ripped off by the big tour operators. Usually included in the excursion there are visits to schools, orphanotrophy, and villages to meet the kids and the population that struggles, because this is the real Africa and this need to be seen with our own eyes. This can also be a chance to take them some food, do some charity or leave an offer to improve the water and education system. I usually carry some crayons, clothes , paper for the school but anything will make them happy.

Image - Watamu Marine National Park
Watamu Marine National Park
Cristina:For Snorkelling Lovers, there is a Day Tour Called " Safari Blu" they take you on a boat to the Marine Reserve to see the dolphins, tropical fishes, pesce palla and so on and after a delicious fresh fish late lunch is organized at the Mangroves or in the middle of the ocean on a sand lip. The price is 40 GBP per person including the food.
Image - Marafa
Cristina:Also called Hells Kitchen, it is a Kenyon, it offers amazing Panoramas. Worth the visit
Image - Garoda Beach
Garoda Beach
Image - Prawn Lake
Prawn Lake
Image - Lamu


Swahili dishes are quite simple,


In Watamu the Party is always on! Apart of a couple of clubs and restaurants I will list here below, there are loads of beach parties organized by the local people, you can ask when you are around and they will be more then happy to take you there. If you are happy to move to Malindi, I will list some other clubs in that area.

Wonderguide map

  1. Watamu
  2. Watamu Beach
  3. Moi International Airport
  4. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
  5. Malindi Airport
  6. Kobe Suite Resort
  8. Paki House
  9. Mida Creek Eco Camp
  10. Sea Whispers Inn, Watamu
  11. Watamu Marine National Park
  12. Marafa
  13. Isola Dell'Amore
  14. Robinson Island
  15. Tsavo East National Park
  16. Amboseli National Park
  17. Gede Ruins Malindi... Snake Park
  18. Bio-Ken Snake Farm
  19. Arabuko Sokoke Forest
  20. Garoda Beach
  21. Crab Shack Dabaso, Mida Creek
  22. Prawn Lake
  23. Lamu
  24. Falconry of kenya
  25. Coconut Beach Café
  26. Sunrise Beach Restaurant
  27. Mawimbi Lodge
  28. Papà Remo Beach
  29. Ocean Sports Resort
  30. Come Back
  31. Savannah Lounge
  32. Rosada Restaurant & Pizza Beach Music Bar
  33. Fermento Disco Bar
  34. Klub Kalahari, Watamu

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