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Recommendations for food

These are my own favorites from which I choose depending on my mood

Image - Thiasos
Kalamata Top:This is the poet of the Greek kitchen. I know him personally and as I help him out on the fields sometimes, some of the food you get here might be harvested by me :)
Image - Oinopantopōleion
Kalamata Top:This is the gourmet of the Greek kitchen. It is the place you would go to celebrate your anniversary with you girlfriend.
Image - Μαγειρειον Βερσαλλιες
Μαγειρειον Βερσαλλιες
Kalamata Top:This is the place the locals will go to eat their lunch. But not the very traditional locals but the ones that can take it when some tastes belong to the 'forgotten' ones. Yes this one is also like a little poet.
Image - Restaurant Πολυχρόνης
Restaurant Πολυχρόνης
Kalamata Top:This is the place the locals will go to eat their lunch. This is the place for the traditional ones. You have to be here early otherwise the food is gone. In the summer it's nice to sit at a table on the other side of the street here
Image - Mosaiko
Kalamata Top:Two brothers and two sisters running this place. They are committed to quality of the material they use and it can be that they take their time to prepare something, but it's always worth the while.
Image - Masa Soura
Masa Soura
Kalamata Top:Well, I suppose this is the most particular of my suggestions. Really not for everyone. The guy running this place might look a little funny, but he loves what he’s doing and he does it well. He only cooks two or three dishes, so when you sit there it’s either that or nothing. Ηe is also a butcher and as far as I know, the only one in Kalamata who makes his own ‘gyros’ (which is exceptional). Sometimes there is also live music here, ‘rempetika’ stile.
Kalamata Top:I recommend this place with the assurance that the view from here will impress you. It is worth to come here even if the tavern is closed. But if it is open it is really worth dining here. The family that runs this place works with a lot of love and because love, as they say, travels through the stomach, you will love this place also because of its original Greek dishes. I say, if you travel to Kalamata, you have to come up here at least once Also, 500 meters further is the starting point for the paragliding an experience that I highly recommend even to the most frightened ones.
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BARs & Snacks

Image - ΚΥΤΤΑΡΟ Rock Bar
Kalamata Top:This is the place to go if you want to learn something about whisky and beers (and certainly the best place to go if you already know something about whisky or beer). They don't only have a huge selection they also know something about it. It is - by the way - a rock bar, and now and then there is also live music here.
Image - Casa Marina
Casa Marina
Kalamata Top:This is the 'summer' bar for me. I like it because the atmosphere is a bit noble and the background music much to my taste. The variety of dishes might be small but the dishes are of high quality. The service here is also very good and the barmen are real professionals.
Image - The Blue Note
The Blue Note
Kalamata Top:A bar with style. Place you would favor if you would rather have a chat with someone and would also like to listen to music, which is really for your listening pleasure.
Image - Στολίδι ένα
Στολίδι ένα
Kalamata Top:This is one of the cutest places one can have a drink or a snack in Kalamata. It is very originally decorated and one can see and feel that they take care of all the little details. It is a place you will like it in cold days as well as in hot days, as there is a very nice garden one can sit in.

Things to do

Suggestion about activities in Kalamata

Image - Kalamata Dive Center
Kalamata Dive Center
Kalamata Top:Kalamata Dive Center is your personal scuba diving center! They tailor the dives to your pace and the schedule to your wishes. They specialise in beginners, childern, hesitating and in disabled persons. For the advanced divers they offer cavern dives and assist Tec dives to 50m. Non-divers can rent the boat with captain for snorkerling excursions to private beaches. They speak english, greek, german, swiss-german, french and the basics in italian. With them you will not only discover the underwater world of the Messinian bay, you will also feel your dive.
Image - Kalamata Tours - Food Tour in Kalamata
Kalamata Tours - Food Tour in Kalamata
Kalamata Top:A very original and very interesting way to get to learn more about the food specialties of this area
Image - Paragliding Kalamata - Αλεξιπτωτο Πλαγιας Καλαματα
Paragliding Kalamata - Αλεξιπτωτο Πλαγιας Καλαματα
Kalamata Top:It’s probably one of the best sites for paragliding in the world. It is a unique combination of a high mountain and a wonderful sea bay. Even the most sceptical People who have experienced paragliding here always come back for more. It’s a rather relaxing experience, it’s like in a nice dream when you dream that you’re flying …. only its for real. The guys running this, are real professionals and you feel it from the first instant that you can trust them.
Image - Thalassa Sports
Thalassa Sports
Kalamata Top:Here at Thalassa Water Sports you will find whatever you know or even don’t know about water sports: jet ski, water skiing, boat rental without a license, flyboard, umbrellas/banana, two-seater canoe etc. The guy that runs this place, Vangelis, is a really cool guy, that loves what he does, and does what he loves. You’re assured to have a nice time with him.
Image - Explore Messinia - Outdoor activities
Explore Messinia - Outdoor activities
Kalamata Top:“Nowhere else in Greece, the authentic Mediterranean landscape can be represented so clearly as in Messinia, maybe the most beautiful region of the Peloponnese. Explore Messinia, welcomes you in Messinia and invites you to explore the region through guided Sea Kayaking and Hiking Trips, discovering its hidden treasures. Paddle with a Sea Kayak along the most beautiful coastal routes of the Peloponnese, leading to hidden coves and beaches, sea caves, picturesque fishing villages and uninhabited islands. Walk through the olive groves, over stone built trails and pathways leading back in time, linking nature with people and their traditions.”

Buy things

Where to buy things you may need for your stay, or for taking with you home

Image - Chrysánthē
Kalamata Top:A very particular woman backing very particularly nice things. She is known to all locals, because she makes the best tsoureki in Greece (so at Easter time there is a lot going on here). But it's worth coming here and try any of her creations .... just an other good experience
Image - Katerina's market
Katerina's market
Kalamata Top:This super market just across the City Penthouse ENA, is the only Super Market in town which has a good selection of organic staff and things for people with allergies.
Image - Μαντινεία | Γαλακτομικά Προϊόντα
Μαντινεία | Γαλακτομικά Προϊόντα
Kalamata Top:When it comes to authentic Greek Yogurt and cheese this is the place I recommend. These are people that love what they do and see their work as a mission. These two things are the best ingredients to all kind of recipes. They have their own milk production and so they do everything themselves from scratch. While most people are used to the tastes of cow-milk products, the authentic Greek recipes are made of goat and sheep milk. They do offer products made of cow milk, but I would suggest to rather try the authentic versions. When you get used to it, you won’t like to get back again. Apart from milk products they also offer a variety of traditional Greek products, so I do think their shops are worth a visit anyway. In Kalamata there are two shops, one in the centre of the city and one at the seafront.
Image - Kalamata's Open Market
Kalamata's Open Market
Kalamata Top:Kalamatas Open Market is an attraction for itself. On Wednesdays and even more on Saturdays peasants bring their own stuff here for sale. It is of best quality and of course cheaper than anywhere else. The Market place also has shops that are open every weekday.

Wonderguide map

  1. Thiasos
  2. Oinopantopōleion
  3. Μαγειρειον Βερσαλλιες
  4. Restaurant Πολυχρόνης
  5. Mosaiko
  6. Masa Soura
  8. ΚΥΤΤΑΡΟ Rock Bar
  9. Casa Marina
  10. The Blue Note
  11. Στολίδι ένα
  12. Kalamata Dive Center
  13. Kalamata Tours - Food Tour in Kalamata
  14. Paragliding Kalamata - Αλεξιπτωτο Πλαγιας Καλαματα
  15. Thalassa Sports
  16. Explore Messinia - Outdoor activities
  17. Chrysánthē
  18. Katerina's market
  19. Μαντινεία | Γαλακτομικά Προϊόντα
  20. Kalamata's Open Market

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