Kafountine, Senegal - an authentic hospitality.

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Mathieu Nijwening

Casamance - an authentic hospitality

Warm and welcoming, Senegal, knew to preserve one of its essential values: Hospitality, Teranga in Wolof.

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Mathieu:This is an Island in the mangroves you can visit. You can find the oldest forest with the biggest trees and if you're lucky you'll see some monkeys too. The people are so welcoming, they'll invite you into their homes and invite you to share the big family dinner plate you'lle eat from!
Image - Couleur Cafe
Couleur Cafe
Mathieu:In the city center of Kafountine you'll find Couleur Cafe. Next to the biggest tree in Kafountine. It's a nice little restaurant and BnB with a beatifull garden in the back.
Image - Esperanto Lodge
Esperanto Lodge
Mathieu:On a very remote place at the end of the longest road that follows the sea shore towards the north, towards Abene you'll find Esperanto Lodge. A beautifull view of the mangroves and the sea as well. Every saturday you can enjoy the best pizzas of Kafountine made by Justine and Eric the owners.
Image - Kafountine
Image - Abene Festivalo
Abene Festivalo
Mathieu:If you want an African festival at it's best. This is the one!
Image - Abéné
Image - Cap Skirring
Cap Skirring
Image - Hôtel Le Perroquet
Hôtel Le Perroquet
Mathieu:The best stay in Ziguinchor is at the hotel Le Perroquet. They have a tremendous garden and a beautiful view of the river Casamance.
Image - Le Niokobok
Le Niokobok
Mathieu:This is a great bed and breakfast with very convevial owners who will you show you Senegal like nobody else. Nathalie and Willem are two Belgian and Dutch owners who will give you a great service you'll get iExcursion in the mangroves are organized by the owners and you'll get the experience you wished for. You want to see and feel 'la teranga du Senegal' (the Senegalese hospitality) then you should stay at this Bnb. Here is their site: https://niokobok.webnode.be/
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Wonderguide map

  1. French Alliance of Ziguinchor
  2. Hilol
  3. Couleur Cafe
  4. Esperanto Lodge
  5. Kafountine
  6. Abene Festivalo
  7. Abéné
  8. Cap Skirring
  9. Hôtel Balafon
  10. Chez Fatou restaurant l'acacia
  11. Hôtel Le Perroquet
  12. Le Niokobok

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