Joure, Frisian lakes area

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Hilda Van der Tuin

Joure, Frisian lakes area

My name is Hilda, and I am an Airbnb owner and home exchange member. Via this page I share my recommendations for the province of Friesland

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My Recommendations

Image - Watersportbedrijf ANJA | Bootverhuur Grou
Watersportbedrijf ANJA | Bootverhuur Grou
Hilda:This is where we rent boats ourselves. Reliable and relaxed address.
Image - Paviljoen Restaurant Badmeester Keimpe
Paviljoen Restaurant Badmeester Keimpe
Hilda:Great terrace to enter by boat.
Image - Surinaams Eetcafé Ken
Surinaams Eetcafé Ken
Hilda:Simple looking restaurant, but the food is great, enjoy the kitchen of Surinam.
Image - Herman Serveert
Herman Serveert
Hilda:My favorite restaurant, with great food (tapas style) at affordable prices. Don't forget to make a reservation.
Image - The man with the Fish
The man with the Fish
Hilda:The man with the fish brings you great mackerel and smoked salmon, he delivers to our home.
Image - De Mallemok
De Mallemok
Hilda:When you want to visit the eleven cities.
Image - Penninga's Molen, Joure
Penninga's Molen, Joure
Hilda:A very old mill from 1900, but it's still working. Nice to pay a visit.
Image - Wouda pumping station
Wouda pumping station
Hilda:If you love history and tech, this is the place to be. Still working World heritage.
Image - Abe Lenstra Stadion
Abe Lenstra Stadion
Hilda:Just fifteen minutes from our Airbnb, and you can schedule a skate clinic here, with a famous Dutch speed skater.
Image - Thialf
Hilda:At just fifteen minutes from the villa.
Image - Flying Fish Heeg
Flying Fish Heeg
Hilda:The Efoil school close to our home.
Image - Studio Claudy Jongstra bv
Studio Claudy Jongstra bv
Hilda:Farm of the world, where felt artist Claudy Jongstra cooperates with farmers, artists, architects and cooks from all over the world.
Image - Grand Café Restaurant De Oranjerie
Grand Café Restaurant De Oranjerie
Hilda:The food and the staff are rather bad, but the location is perfect for a drink.
Image - Museumhuis Rams Woerthe
Museumhuis Rams Woerthe
Hilda:Beautiful art nouveau museum for history and design lovers.
Image - Drents Museum
Drents Museum
Hilda:Beautiful museum with extremely exciting exhibitions.
Image - Your Best Friend
Your Best Friend
Hilda:Nice place to have a breakfast, lunch or high tea.
Image - Picknickers
Hilda:Have a drink here form a Weltevree hottub.
Image - Uitjes locatie De Postwagen
Uitjes locatie De Postwagen
Hilda:They organize extremely exciting ghost tours.
Image - Schots Restaurant Stadsboerderij De Koebrug
Schots Restaurant Stadsboerderij De Koebrug
Hilda:If you like whisky; they have more than 400 different ones.
Image - Bistro Nijeholt
Bistro Nijeholt
Hilda:Posh restaurant on a beautiful estate with golf court and beauty center.
Image - Restaurant 't Havenmantsje
Restaurant 't Havenmantsje
Hilda:Perfect food, and a perfect location at the sea. One of the best restaurants in our area.
Image - De IJsfabriek & Chocolade
De IJsfabriek & Chocolade
Hilda:The best icecreams, at just one km. of the villa.
Image - Grand Café Prins Mauritshuis
Grand Café Prins Mauritshuis
Hilda:Ideal in the summer, because of their waterside terrace.
Image - Hotel & Restaurant Infinity
Hotel & Restaurant Infinity
Hilda:Great food (don't go there when you have fear of hights), and during diner the tower is moving slowly.
Image - Meer van Lenten
Meer van Lenten
Hilda:Food is expensive and of low quality, staff is slow and not paying attention, but the location is perfect. Nice for kids as well, with a big and safe playground.
Image - Noflik Langwar
Noflik Langwar
Hilda:If you're the nostalgic type of person, this is a nice very small restaurant with oldfashioned dishes.
Image - De Koken
De Koken
Hilda:Nice to have lunch here, and a great place to see the sun go down.
Image - Giethoorn
Hilda:The venice of the north, at just half an hour of our villa. It is a bit of a tourist trap, but you can rent a boat at a quite affordable rate.
Image - De Orchideeën Hoeve
De Orchideeën Hoeve
Hilda:Combine this Orchid farm with a small zoo with a visit to Blokzijl. Very affordable, and nice for kids, they can feed the birds, play on the playground and roam around freely.
Image - Bistro Fred
Bistro Fred
Hilda:The quality of food is good, prices are good, staff is friendly, and especially when the weather it is good the terrace is lovely.
Image - Proef en Beleef de Palingfabriek B.V.
Proef en Beleef de Palingfabriek B.V.
Hilda:You can book a tour here, and see how the eal are growing, you can buy freshly smoked eal, and there is a small restaurant. Very interesting.
Image - De Rat, IJlst
De Rat, IJlst
Hilda:This is a seventeenth century mill, and it is still active. Very interesting to go there on a windy day. One of the eleven cities fountains is placed in front of the mill, there is a nice little restaurant, and a great museum where you can make something of wood.
Image - A Guide to Leeuwarden
A Guide to Leeuwarden
Hilda:Schedule a guided city tour through the old city of Leeuwarden.
Image - Rondvaart Praamverhuur Leeuwarden
Rondvaart Praamverhuur Leeuwarden
Hilda:When the weather is nice, this is a very affordable way to learn about the history of the city, relax a bit and see a lot.
Image - Tulpenroute, Autoroute Tulpenfestival
Tulpenroute, Autoroute Tulpenfestival
Hilda:During the tulip season, you can see the beautiful tulips by car, at about 20 minutes from the villa. You can stop at any place you like.
Image - Ceramics Museum Princessehof
Ceramics Museum Princessehof
Hilda:A museum in an old palace, in the inner city, and if you don't like ceramics: they have a gorgeous museumstore, with all kind of special gifts.
Image - Jopie Huisman Museum
Jopie Huisman Museum
Hilda:If you like the style of this painter, this is absolutely worth a visit.
Image - Blotevoetenpad
Hilda:Leuk met kinderen, maar ook voor volwassenen. Op blote voeten rondbanjeren in de drek en in het water.
Image - Swimfun
Hilda:Mooi subtropisch zwemparadijs, met buitenbad.
Image - Friese Ballonfeesten
Friese Ballonfeesten
Hilda:Every year in July the balloon festival is coming to Joure, with lots of specials.
Image - Eise Eisinga Planetarium
Eise Eisinga Planetarium
Hilda:The only planetarium in the world that originates from the sixteenth century, in the former home of Eise Eisinga. Something special!
Image - Stichting Ruurd Wiersma
Stichting Ruurd Wiersma
Hilda:Small museum, the former house of the artist, who painted everything inside.
Image - Beachclub Lemmer
Beachclub Lemmer
Hilda:Leuk buitenterras, lekker loungen, een groot strand erbij, parkeren is gratis. Lekker eten en goede bediening. Ook goed toegankelijk voor mensen in een rolstoel.
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  1. Watersportbedrijf ANJA | Bootverhuur Grou
  2. Paviljoen Restaurant Badmeester Keimpe
  3. Surinaams Eetcafé Ken
  4. Herman Serveert
  5. The man with the Fish
  6. De Mallemok
  7. Penninga's Molen, Joure
  8. Wouda pumping station
  9. Abe Lenstra Stadion
  10. Thialf
  11. Flying Fish Heeg
  12. Studio Claudy Jongstra bv
  13. Grand Café Restaurant De Oranjerie
  14. Museumhuis Rams Woerthe
  15. Drents Museum
  16. Your Best Friend
  17. Picknickers
  18. Uitjes locatie De Postwagen
  19. Schots Restaurant Stadsboerderij De Koebrug
  20. Bistro Nijeholt
  21. Restaurant 't Havenmantsje
  22. De IJsfabriek & Chocolade
  23. Grand Café Prins Mauritshuis
  24. Hotel & Restaurant Infinity
  25. Meer van Lenten
  26. Noflik Langwar
  27. De Koken
  28. Giethoorn
  29. De Orchideeën Hoeve
  30. Bistro Fred
  31. Proef en Beleef de Palingfabriek B.V.
  32. De Rat, IJlst
  33. A Guide to Leeuwarden
  34. Rondvaart Praamverhuur Leeuwarden
  35. Tulpenroute, Autoroute Tulpenfestival
  36. Ceramics Museum Princessehof
  37. Jopie Huisman Museum
  38. Blotevoetenpad
  39. Swimfun
  40. Friese Ballonfeesten
  41. De Roofvogelhoeve
  42. Eise Eisinga Planetarium
  43. Stichting Ruurd Wiersma
  44. Beachclub Lemmer

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