Jogjakarta - Culture shocks and insights into the Javanese sultanate

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Jogjakarta - Culture shocks and insights into the Javanese sultanate

As the center of Javanese arts and culture, Yogyakarta is known for its cultural tourist destinations, such as palaces, sacred temples, museums, etc. Getting tired of the city center? Wander away and go into the wilderness! Take a hike on a mountain or discover the exotic and alluring beaches.

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Culture & Art

Jogja is known as the city of culture and art. From ancient relics, palace, temples and Dutch architectural colonial buildings to traditional arts. There's always something to explore in Jogja!

Image - Borobudur Temple
Borobudur Temple
Tristan:Borobudur Temple is the world's largest Buddhist temple, and sure not a destination you want to missed. Best time to visit would be during the dawn, you will see a captivating view as the sunrise slowly climbing up over the pyramid.
Image - Prambanan Temple
Prambanan Temple
Tristan:Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia. It has many individual temples surrounding one large central building. While it's best to visit Borobudur during the dawn, it's better to visit Prambanan during the dusk so you can see the sunset.
Image - Ramayana Ballet Prambanan
Ramayana Ballet Prambanan
Tristan:It is a traditional dance performance held in the outdoor stage with Prambanan Temple as the backdrop. It is recommended for those who enjoy watching theatrical performance with eye-catching makeup and traditional costumes.
Image - Batik Winotosastro
Batik Winotosastro
Tristan:There are plenty of Batik courses in Jogja. You will learn how to create batik patterns on your own stuff such as sling bag, shirts, wallet, etc. and you can bring your creations home.
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Nature on the outskirts

Jogja does not only offer cheap shopping, culinary delights, or historical buildings. It's also blessed with magnificent natural landscape, such as beaches, lush forests, mountains and caves. Some are still relatively and rarely visited.

Image - Wisata Alam Kalibiru
Wisata Alam Kalibiru
Tristan:A national park where you can enjoy great views of a lake and surrounding green areas, located at the peak of Menori Hills. It also offers many outdoor activities such as climbing, trekking, flying fox, and tight line walking.
Image - Lava Tour Merapi
Lava Tour Merapi
Tristan:This is an off-road jeep adventure through the slopes of Merapi mountain. During the tour, you will pass through some villages that were affected by the eruption.
Image - Parangtritis Beach
Parangtritis Beach
Tristan:Parangtritis is an enchanting black sandy beach. You can ride an ATV here for IDR 50k. Paragliding is available from January to March.
Image - Jomblang Cave
Jomblang Cave
Tristan:The best chance to get the light beams is to visit during midday. You need to rappel down to reach the base, so watch your step and bring a torch.
Image - Timang Beach
Timang Beach
Tristan:A charming white-sandy beach. You can book a jeep to go to the beach or use your own scooter but beware of the super steep and rocky road! There's a small island in the middle of the sea that you can reach by riding Gondola that cost IDR 100k.
Image - Imogiri
Tristan:This lush forest is filled with hundreds of tall pines. It's very recommended for those who's eager to find a great shot. The entrance is only IDR 2.500 and IDR 20.000 for camping.

Food and Shopping

Streetfood and shopping for authentic Batik clothes go hand in hand in Jogja!

Image - Jalan Malioboro
Jalan Malioboro
Tristan:Stroll around Malioboro is always a good idea as you can sample delicious and cheap local food. You will also find many stalls selling batik, dresses, and blangkon (Javanese traditional headdress.)
Image - Alun-Alun Kidul Street
Alun-Alun Kidul Street
Tristan:A night market with many street foods and shopping stalls. This place is very crowded and alive during the weekend, it's an excellent opportunity to meet the locals. You can also ride a colourful LED pedal cars for around IDR 40.000.

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  1. Borobudur Temple
  2. Prambanan Temple
  3. Ramayana Ballet Prambanan
  4. Batik Winotosastro
  5. Wisata Alam Kalibiru
  6. Lava Tour Merapi
  7. Parangtritis Beach
  8. Jomblang Cave
  9. Timang Beach
  10. Imogiri
  11. Jalan Malioboro
  12. Alun-Alun Kidul Street

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