Jinja_ City Of Wonder

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Jinja_ City Of Wonder

Jinja is widely known as Uganda's adventure city because of it wide range of tourism activities. it has so much to offer from bustling nightlife to untouched nature reserves and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.All this is affordable and family friendly. It's a must be for daycations, vacations,

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My Recommendations

Image - All Friends Grill Bar and Restaurant
All Friends Grill Bar and Restaurant
Nalwanga Gladys:Their food is simply delicious
Image - Simpo Restaurant
Simpo Restaurant
Nalwanga Gladys:Right in the city center and with delicious and affordable food
Image - Java House - Jinja
Java House - Jinja
Nalwanga Gladys:The environment is cozy and serene. Ideal for quiet time as you sip on a warm and delicious cup of coffee. And very fast internet.
Image - Jinja Sailing Club
Jinja Sailing Club
Nalwanga Gladys:First class service and enjoy your meal with a view of the water.
Image - Rolex Joint
Rolex Joint
Nalwanga Gladys:Uganda without a Rolex is not visit to Uganda but no worries these guys got you covered with the best rolex in town.
Image - La Casa Jinja
La Casa Jinja
Nalwanga Gladys:Craving Italian? This is the best Italian restaurant. Try their pasta you will not regret it.
Image - Moti Mahal Bar & Restaurant
Moti Mahal Bar & Restaurant
Nalwanga Gladys:Mouthwatering indian cuisine.
Image - The Yellow Chilly
The Yellow Chilly
Nalwanga Gladys:Menu offers a variety from continental,Indian, Italian to Chinese cuisine. It's also vegan friendly with a variety of vegan food options. And a conducive atmosphere for meetings and parties.
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Topnotch restaurants

These are some of the restaurants I would recommend if one wants to have great service and great food while in jinja,with professional staff ready to provide a memorable experience and make you want to keep returning. The environment is quiet,cozy,and tranquil.

Wonderguide map

  1. All Friends Grill Bar and Restaurant
  2. Simpo Restaurant
  3. Java House - Jinja
  4. Jinja Sailing Club
  5. Rolex Joint
  6. La Casa Jinja
  7. Sikia Cafe & Crafts
  8. Moti Mahal Bar & Restaurant
  9. The Yellow Chilly
  10. Ling Ling Chinese Restaurant

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