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Jim corbett park india


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Tigers In Corbett

tigers in corbett is own by corbett guide who won est wildlife guide award 2014 Bily Arjan singh.

Image - Sparrow Nest Corbett
Sparrow Nest Corbett
Ramesh:it is authentic home stay in Jim Corbett Park located in the edge of reserve forest. got 08 rooms 02 rooms are occupied by host family and 06 rooms are for traveler. it is kind of farm stay.
Image - Girija Devi Temple
Girija Devi Temple
Ramesh:it is beautifully situated middle of kosi river.
Image - Shri Hanuman Dham
Shri Hanuman Dham
Ramesh:it is one of the biggest hanumanji temple in our india.
Image - Travelade Image
Suspension Bridge Road
Ramesh:it is founded by corbett senior guide,who is serving park last 23 years.
Image - Corbett Falls
Corbett Falls
Ramesh:it is just 30 km away from Tigers in corbett
Image - Chhoti Haldwani
Chhoti Haldwani
Ramesh:it is around 30 km away from Tigers in Corbett
Image - Dhangarhi Gate and Museum
Dhangarhi Gate and Museum
Ramesh:just 6 km away from us
Image - Moustache Cafe Corbett
Moustache Cafe Corbett
Ramesh:it is just close Tigers In Corbett
Image - Pratiksha River Retreat , Jim Corbett
Pratiksha River Retreat , Jim Corbett
Ramesh:just 100 mtr distance from us.
Image - IrisLite Resort Corbett
IrisLite Resort Corbett
Ramesh:1.5 km aways from us.
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Copper Restaurent

it is located out side ramnagar near by Railway crossing.

Dhyani Bhojnalay and guest house

it is homely cooked food center

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  1. Sparrow Nest Corbett
  2. Girija Devi Temple
  3. Shri Hanuman Dham
  4. Suspension Bridge Road
  5. Corbett Falls
  6. Chhoti Haldwani
  7. Dhangarhi Gate and Museum
  8. Moustache Cafe Corbett
  9. Pratiksha River Retreat , Jim Corbett
  10. IrisLite Resort Corbett

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