Stara Novalja Apartments

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Jelena Peranić

Stara Novalja Apartments

If you came to stay in our apartment in Stara Novalja, there is so many things here for you to see or do. So, here are my recommendations for you :)

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If you are interested in culture and history, you chose the right place. Island Pag has rich history, but it's also close to beautiful city Zadar, and royal city Nin.

Image - Pag
Jelena:Historic place from 16th century with rich culture and beautiful lace museum
Image - Stari Grad Pag
Stari Grad Pag
Jelena:Old City Pag has the remains from 10th century place that treasure interesting stories.
Image - Caska
Jelena:Beautiful place on island that hides many secrets like ancient roman aqueduct.
Image - Nin
Jelena:Royal city Nin is a charming and romantic place just an hour from Pag.
Image - City Museum Novalja
City Museum Novalja
Jelena:Novalja has museum you mabye want to visit and introduce yourself with the local culture and lifestyle.
Image - Samostan Benediktinki Sv. Margarite
Samostan Benediktinki Sv. Margarite
Jelena:church and nunary date in 16th century. There is an exhibition of church art were they treasure one thorn from Christ's crown in small golden reliquary.

You hungry? :)

If you want to grab a good bite nearby, here are my recommendations. Have in mind that you are on island so you really want to try our fish and seafood specialtyes. Also, Island Pag is known by its high quallity sheep cheese called Paški cheese and great lamb so you have to try that too.

Image - Konoba Porat
Konoba Porat
Jelena:Cozy place with good dishes and not too expensive.
Image - Boskinac
Jelena:Beautiful location, amazing food and great experience. You should try some local fish specialties.
Jelena:If you want a good pizza - come to this place!
Image - Gligora Cheese
Gligora Cheese
Jelena:The best cheese factory in Croatia that offers tasting of their most famous cheese and wine. There is also a cheese shop.


You came to party? You are in the right place because in Novalja you can find most popular party location in Croatia: Zrće Beach. But, if Zrće is not your way of partying, I have some other suggestions.

Image - Agencija Mediteran
Agencija Mediteran
Jelena:Night club Vanga on the open is part of Mediteran Agency. Not as popular as Zrće Beach, but great place for party.
Image - Zyaka Beach Bar
Zyaka Beach Bar
Jelena:Great beach bar realy close to the Apartment. It also has restaurant so you can grab a good bite here if you want.
Image - Caffe bar Uljak
Caffe bar Uljak
Jelena:Few minutes from Apartment, place with great atmosphere. Good for a nice cup of coffee in the morning or for a drink in the evening.

Croatia - For foodies

Local Croatian delicacies are a must...

Image - Croatian food
Croatian Food: 20 Dishes you Absolutely Have to Try

Wonderguide map

  1. Pag
  2. Stari Grad Pag
  3. Caska
  4. Nin
  5. City Museum Novalja
  6. Samostan Benediktinki Sv. Margarite
  7. Konoba Porat
  8. Boskinac
  10. Gligora Cheese
  11. Zrce Festival Beach
  12. Agencija Mediteran
  13. Zyaka Beach Bar
  14. Caffe bar Uljak

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