Jamaica- unique authentic tours

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Jamaica- unique authentic tours

Experience the real Jamaica !

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My Recommendations

I handpicked the following activities for persons that want to experience the real Jamaica!

Image - Bob Marley Museum
Bob Marley Museum
Sharda:The Bob Marley Museum is a ‘must visit’ to learn about the Reggae Icon and his contributions to music. The museum highlights interesting stories about Bob and the impact he had on the Jamaican society.
Image - Rastafari Indigenous Village
Rastafari Indigenous Village
Sharda:Ever wondered why Rastafarians are unique? Ever wondered why the struggles and fought for their rights? Visit the Rastafari Indigenous Village and learn from authentic local Rastafarians while sipping coconut water from calabash (eco friendly plate made by Rastafarians. Watch live chanting that leaves your soul rejuvenated and your appreciation for Rastafarians grow even more.
Image - Zimbali Culinary Retreats
Zimbali Culinary Retreats
Sharda:If you are a foodie and care about the environment, then this is the perfect tour for you!! I love the scenery and the fresh farm to table cooking style. It is perfect for yoga and meditation. Please your pallets and satisfy your soul. It’s a win win!
Image - YS Falls
YS Falls
Sharda:This precious gem will definitely exceed your expectations. If you are looking an off the beaten path tour, one that is designed to connect you with nature and your inner self. YS Falls awaits you!
Image - The Pork Pit
The Pork Pit
Sharda:Spice up your taste buds with authentic Jamaican cuisine, while interacting with locals. Pork pit is the Jamaican jerked chicken and pork guru!
Image - Mystic Thai
Mystic Thai
Sharda:Let me just tell you that this restaurant is the epitome of Customer Service. Their food is even better! I love the atmosphere and the family feeling I received when I dined with my family.
Image - Doctor's Cave Beach
Doctor's Cave Beach
Sharda:Doctors Cave Beach has a rich history and is the most beautiful spacious beach in Montego Bay. The staff are amazing and I love the food!
Image - Treasure Beach
Treasure Beach
Sharda:Treasure Beach defines beauty, serenity and authentic. From the Eco friendly environment , to the friendly staff, this property is easily one of the most gorgeous places in the world.
Image - Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina
Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina
Sharda:Light up your world literally by sailing over the most beautiful Luminous Lagoon. Relax and wind down your evening with your hands teasing the waves, take a swim and watch your entire body lights up. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience.
Image - Richmond Hill Inn
Richmond Hill Inn
Sharda:Wow where to start!!? Let me start by saying amazing panoramic views. The history is worth the stay and the people are even more phenomenal. Richmond Hill Inn is a winner!
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  1. Bob Marley Museum
  2. Rastafari Indigenous Village
  3. Zimbali Culinary Retreats
  4. YS Falls
  5. The Pork Pit
  6. Mystic Thai
  7. Doctor's Cave Beach
  8. Treasure Beach
  9. Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina
  10. Richmond Hill Inn

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