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Utrecht The Bicycle Paradise

They say Amsterdam is for the turists but Utrecht is for themself. Utrecht is a cycling haven, a little version of Amsterdam with less caos and more air to enjoy the beauty of it.

Image - Railway Museum
Railway Museum
Annalisa:This Museum is one of the best experience to have in Utrecht. It's located in the actual old station and it can be reached, on weekends by special trains from the Central Station. There is different experiences from the Techlab, to the Great Discovery and the Trail by Fire where you can drive an old train in a 3d mission. For the kids is great, very exciting, our kids ask us to go back every second day; for them the Jumbo Express where they can ride a special small train, wonder around all this old trains and be able to jump on some of them and understand how they work is pure magic for the kids. There is a food quarter and a big shop where all things train related can be bought. Highly suggested experience. You can also take the Canal Cruise from the city center and ask to stop at the Rail Museum and take the boat again once you are done the visit.
Image - Schuttevaer Boat Cruise
Schuttevaer Boat Cruise
Annalisa:Best relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of Utrecht. Suggested for a lazy break after lunch where you can relax, digest and enjoy the beauty. The Capitan is usually very friendly and funny, when you buy your tkts they ask you your language and they make the commentary in your language active on the cruise. You can ask to jump off at the Rail Museum and jump on the next boat when you are done. Highly suggested, we take everyone is visiting us on the tour.
Image - Pandhof Sinte Marie
Pandhof Sinte Marie
Annalisa:This semi secret garden that belong to an old monastery in the center of Utrecht, it's a beautiful hidden spot for a quick rest during a nice walk, or a very special picture.
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Cape Town Best Guest Houses

Wonderful location for a week end adventure driving distance from Cape Town

Image - Travelade Image
Annalisa:Hospitality is the world you can associate with this magical beautiful place. Kids become friends with the animals in the farm, can pick the eggs and feed the animals and you can relax in the pool area or in the beautiful garden. Possibility to braai in the garden if arranged with the staff. The rooms are spacious and beautiful, arranged in a pretty small village. Breakfast is very nice in the big main house. Strongly suggested for a week end of tranquillity and beauty.
Image - A Boat House
A Boat House
Annalisa:This magical location will literally make you dream. I actually think about it as the ultimately idea of Guest House, the one that I compare all the other once with. Decorate in blue and in "boat style", with the music of Jack Johnson in the background, you can go chill in the small cozy indoor pool and feel completely relaxed and happy. Picture of the family that is running the guesthouses are decorating the house, they did an amazing job turning them house in a place where you can relax and enjoy, and they are doing an amazing job running it. Breakfast is wonderful and the view is breathtaking.
Image - Smart Stay
Smart Stay
Annalisa:Spacious and new, perfect spot to explore the surroundings, go swim in Strand beach or hike close by. It's a self catering facility with a nice outside pool.
Image - Victoria House
Victoria House
Annalisa:This colonial beauty will make you feel in a old elegant movie. A little castle elegantly decorated, canopy bed, outdoor pool facility and friendly and helpful staff.
Image - Windsor Hotel
Windsor Hotel
Annalisa:Beautiful location for this hotel directly on the cliff. You can enjoy some whale watching form the window in your room, with the sound of the ocean in the background. Breakfast is very rich and complete, the common areas are very cozy, fireplace constantly on in one of the common rooms, pool table and games room. Walking distance from the very quite and safe center of Hermanus where you can have dinner in one of the restaurants and enjoy the music of musician that perform on the promenade. Worth to visit the little market that happens every 2 weeks in the surroundings.

My Recommendations

Image - City Sightseeing Cape Town
City Sightseeing Cape Town
Annalisa:Best way to start to know Cape Town and surroundings, hop on and enjoy the beautiful views, it can be an all day/2 days experience, the commentary it's very well done and give info that not even Capetownians know sometimes (you will be able to impress your Capetownians friends by telling them that once upon a time Strand Street was were the shoreline was). Must do visit to District Six Museum and to the Tea Bags factory for your very special and unique souvenirs. If you visit summer time than don't miss the sunset on Signal Hill <3
Image - Original T-Bag Designs at the Kronendal
Original T-Bag Designs at the Kronendal
Annalisa:This project it's amazing. You can get your very special and original gift from Cape Town here, made by the hands of the capable and creative women from the next door Imizamo Yethu township. The t-bags design is very unique and beautiful, you can get a very special gift for yourself or for family and friends, we got our wedding gifts from them and you will also help a very worthy cause.
Image - Goloso
Annalisa:Daily hand made fresh Italian Pasta! If you feel like real tagliatelle or gnammy ravioli then drive to Sea Point and you will find them, of course with a Cape Town touch. Staff amazingly friendly add to the Italian family vibe of the place.
Image - Bibis Kitchen
Bibis Kitchen
Annalisa:Real amazing Cape Town dishes from the tradition, you will find yourself addicted very quickly.
Image - Signal Hill
Signal Hill
Annalisa:Breathtaking view of the city, picture spot for sunrises and sunsets, in the morning the sun comes up between the ocean and Table Mountain, more clouds the better cause the colors and the shades become beautiful, in the evenings, the sun goes down in the ocean using every single color available. If you are lucky enough you can get a day where the clouds are covering the city but leaving the hill free, you will feel and actually be sitting on top of the clouds in a magic atmosphere. 2 of the big yellow frames #LOVECAPETOWN are installed here, one very visible from the parking the other one walking distance from it along a path (behind the toilets). Both are beautiful picture spots but the all hill is. In summer super busy for the sunset, I would suggest different spots cause it will take between half and one hour to get out of there stack in traffic jam with car and buses.

Wonderguide map

  1. Railway Museum
  2. Schuttevaer Boat Cruise
  3. Pandhof Sinte Marie
  4. Rozendal
  5. A Boat House
  6. Smart Stay
  7. Victoria House
  8. Windsor Hotel
  9. City Sightseeing Cape Town
  10. Original T-Bag Designs at the Kronendal
  11. Goloso
  12. Bibis Kitchen
  13. Signal Hill

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