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Fable Of Venice With Hugo Pratt And Corto Maltese

2 hours
Starting point
Cannaregio, 5039

Follow the Hugo Pratt’s steps and experience Corto Maltese’s adventures in the maze of the city through mysterious places and courtyards dreaming between fantasy and reality

What to expect?

"There are three magical and hidden places in Venice, one in calle dell’amor dei amici; a second near Ponte de le meravegie, a third in calle dei Marrani at San Geremia in the Ghetto. When the Venetians are tired of the established authorities, they go to these three secret places and, opening the doors at the bottom of those courtyards, they go forever to beautiful places and other stories "

Explore the places suggested by Corto Maltese and pay homage to Hugo Pratt, who never made any secret of considering Venice the center of the world. Stroll through calli and campielli off the busiest streets of the city, rediscovering the places of Pratt's life and those drawn in his comics. Daydream walking with your eyes up in the air and a comic strip in your hand, spending some hours in the "Fable of Venice"

What is included?

Tour leader & nature and interpretive guide

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