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Contact us on Send us your wishlist of the places you would like to visit from Rovinj or let us make an itinerary for you based on your interests. There are a lot of nice places to see in Istria, not an easy choice :)

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Local artists and shops

Nature as art / art in nature


Image - Mljekara Latus
Mljekara Latus
Ivona:milk and cheese tasting room and shop
Image - museum olei histriae
museum olei histriae
Ivona:the tastiest museum in Istria

walking in Rovinj

A couple of cool places in Rovinj that would be a shame to miss while staying here

Image - Park forest Zlatni Rt
Park forest Zlatni Rt
Ivona:The lungs of the city..

hilltop villagges in Istria

skip the popular places, see the hidden gems

Image - Oprtalj
Ivona:The town of OPRTALJ is a destination for lovers of folklore and tradition of Istrian peninsula. It is a historical fort town protected with massive town walls with a bell tower in the centre. It is on the opposite side of Motovun from the Mirna river, surrounded by hilly terrain, located on a 380 meters high hilltop. Several historic buildings that testify its glurious past but also many old buildings that are in need of modernisation. Many people left Oprtalj after WW2 but the recent developments in Istria is helping bringing Oprtalj back to life. Some of the houses are being renovated into holiday homeswhich makes it for locals to stay in Oprtalj. One of the best things you can see in Oprtalj is when kids are playing outside because they still have the elementary school there, which is not so common in smaller Istrian villagges any more.. The best view you can have from Oprtalj is from the town loggia where the most important persons in the town were meeting to discuss about issues and naming new laws regarding the town.
Image - Grožnjan
Ivona:GROŽNJAN the medieval town of artists and music. Small closely built houses and the caste are a testimony of the medieval past. In Grožnjan everything starts from May when actors, musitians, painters, sculptors and art lovers arrive in town. Walking around the town you will hear sounds of jazz and classical music. it’s artistic revival began in 1965 when artists from all over the world inhabited the empty houses abbandoned by italians after WW2. They have an annual jazz festival and they won the European award for the best small jazz festival. :) They also have an annual painting festival - the Extempore exibition when painters arrive with blank canvases and paint their paintings that day. First mention of Grožnjan is from 1100. Venice took over Grožnjan in the 13thcentury, and in the 19th became part of the Austrian empire.
Image - Bale

abbandoned villagges in Istria

Image - Dvigrad ruins
Dvigrad ruins
Ivona:DVIGRAD/two cities was destroyed in the 17th century and a couple of years after was hit by a plague. In just few decades the life in Dvigrad completely died. The history of the settlement is prehistoric. Today the regional program for cultural and natural heritage in SouthEAST Europe is trying preserve and reconstruct the town. Current remains represent a well preserved, typical medieval town castle. It is encircled by the two rings of town walls connected by the town gate, of which there are three just as many as its defensive towers. The Church of St. Sophia still dominates the town. It is located on the highest point of town, on the same location from the Early Christian times. It current fascinating three-nave form was built in the 13th century. In front of this Romanesque style edifice there is the main town square and the town palace. Military quarters were located in the town's western part, while the craftsmen inhabited its southwest. The remaining, rather a large area, was occupied by houses for regular citizens.
Image - Završje, Grožnjan
Završje, Grožnjan
Ivona:Today the town of ZAVRŠJE is abandoned but very soon the restructuring of it might start with the founds provided by the EU. This charming town with the important castle and leaning tower should retourn to life one day. There are many historic buildings that testify to its glorious past but very few people left in town. Enyoj the silence here. You may come across one dog and a couple of biciclists riding the Parenzana trail here. The renovated church of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 18th century is rarely opened unfortunatelly. Završje was always a town of farmers who worked the fields and grew olives and friuts. Silver candle holders were on the city walls from the 18th century, today at the Louvre in Paris. In the 15th century Završje was attacked several times when Venice was fighting the Hungarians, Turks and Austrians. In the ‘40s the anti fascist movement spread to Završje. Economical and political reasons contributed to a mass exodus.

good pizza places in Rovinj

Image - Pizzeria & Bar Uno
Pizzeria & Bar Uno
Ivona:the best pizza in town
Image - Maestral Restaurant
Maestral Restaurant
Ivona:one of the best views in town
Image - Da Sergio
Da Sergio

Feeling adventurous?

Rise up the adrenaline

Image - Zip Line Pazin Cave
Zip Line Pazin Cave
Ivona:enjoy the ride above the cave
Image - Glavani Park
Glavani Park
Ivona:experience heights - because you want to
Image - Zerostrasse


Image - MEMO Museum of good Memories
MEMO Museum of good Memories
Ivona:Museum of good memories. Pula 50' > 80'
Image - Kulturno edukativan centar "Kaštel"
Kulturno edukativan centar "Kaštel"
Ivona:Cultural and educational center

fun for kids

Restaurants/konobas in Rovinj

Wonderguide map

  1. Jama - Grotta Baredine
  2. Brijuni
  3. Sculpture Park Dzamonja
  4. Histria Aromatica d.o.o.
  5. Matošević (Vina Matošević d.o.o.)
  7. Kozlović Winery
  8. Mljekara Latus
  9. museum olei histriae
  10. Park forest Zlatni Rt
  11. Oprtalj
  12. Grožnjan
  13. Bale
  14. Dvigrad ruins
  15. Završje, Grožnjan
  16. Pizzeria & Bar Uno
  17. Maestral Restaurant
  18. Da Sergio
  19. Zip Line Pazin Cave
  20. Glavani Park
  21. Zerostrasse
  22. MEMO Museum of good Memories
  23. Kulturno edukativan centar "Kaštel"
  24. Aquapark Istralandia
  25. Aquarium Pula
  26. Dinopark Funtana
  27. Parenzana Train
  28. Tractor Story
  29. Kantinon Tavern
  30. Aqua2
  31. Restaurant Orca (
  32. Restaurant Maslina
  33. La Puntulina

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