Island hopping and scooter adventures around Belitung

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Island hopping and scooter adventures around Belitung

Belitung is an exotic island nestled between Sumatra and Borneo. This also means one needs to beware of Malaria. Its roads are surprisingly well maintained and the welcoming local fishermen will gladly take you to 9 different islands for than 450k IDR (30$!). It is an off-grid alternative to Bali!

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Paradise Beaches on the Mainland

These are whitesand beaches, that can be easily reached by motorbike. Parking is free and you will find plenty of great streetfood there. Snorkel along the rocks to find spectacular coral reefs.

Image - Tanjung Tinggi Beach
Tanjung Tinggi Beach
Tristan:A white sandy beach with crystal clear water, impressive rock formations and very calm waves. Great for snorkeling. There's no admission fee.
Image - Tanjung Kelayang Beach
Tanjung Kelayang Beach
Tristan:A stunning beach with a very relaxing atmosphere. This is your go-to place to do island hopping.
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Island Hopping

Island hopping usually starts from Tanjung Kelayang and costs 450k IDR (30$) for an eight-hour trip. The captain can take you to any islands you want, so research before, which ones you want to see. SPOILER: They are all great snorkeling destinations.

Image - Kepayang Island
Kepayang Island
Tristan:It's an excellent site for diving, snorkelling, and canoeing. They also provide luxurious tents or bungalow if you decide you want to stay the night! It has a features, mystical cave you can explore for free.
Image - Pulau Langkuas
Pulau Langkuas
Tristan:Well known for the lighthouse on the island that you can visit. Also suitable for swimming, snorkelling and diving. Food stalls are available.
Image - Pulau Leebong
Pulau Leebong
Tristan:It's a small private island that offers so many activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkelling or even biking around the island. There's a treehouse resort if you want to stay for a night or a couple of days.
Image - Pulau Gusong
Pulau Gusong
Tristan:This small island appears in the morning before the tidal waves come. It's so tiny that if you stand on your feet, you can see all around you.

Nature & Culture Inland

Image - Kampoeng Ahok
Kampoeng Ahok
Tristan:This is the childhood village of Ahok, the former governor of Belitung and Jakarta. There is a souvenir stall where you can buy Belitung's batik and have a taste of its cuisine.
Image - Buding
Tristan:Located only 35 minutes from the airport, this is the only hot-springs in Belitung. There's no admission fee, you just need stay clean.
Image - Open Pit
Open Pit
Tristan:It used to be a tin mining site. Here you can see rare plants, red cliffs, abandoned mines and a turquoise lake. For safety reason, swimming is not allowed.
Image - Traditional House Belitung
Traditional House Belitung
Tristan:A small museum where you can learn about culture and tradition in Belitung. There's no admission fee to go to this museum.
Image - Museum Kata Andrea Hirata
Museum Kata Andrea Hirata
Tristan:An interesting traditional museum. Very recommended for people who love literature, poetry, etc. To get in, you need to buy the book for IDR 50.000.

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  1. Tanjung Tinggi Beach
  2. Tanjung Kelayang Beach
  3. Kepayang Island
  4. Pulau Langkuas
  5. Pulau Leebong
  6. Pulau Gusong
  7. Kampoeng Ahok
  8. Buding
  9. Open Pit
  10. Traditional House Belitung
  11. Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

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