Siena - For Foodies

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Siena - For Foodies

Tuscany has a very unique regional kitchen - la cucina povera. This cuisine is simple yet delicious and is known the world over. Don't get caught in a tourist trap when you visit - check out the following eateries where you can enjoy the dishes of Siena like a local.

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The best breakfast bars

Remember - an Italian breakfast is usually taken standing up. Think strong coffee and a pastry. The little glass of water they give you is to drink before the coffee and not after!

Image - Pasticceria Pierini
Pasticceria Pierini
Jessica:A local favorite. Great selection of pastries combined with the best coffee and fun, friendly staff.
Image - Pasticceria Buti Siena
Pasticceria Buti Siena
Jessica:A classy bar that is popular for it's caramellato. Worth a visit just for that!
Image - Pasticceria Costalpino
Pasticceria Costalpino
Jessica:A feast for the eyes! This lovely bar has an extensive selection of pastries to choose from. Great coffee too.
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Best Italian Eateries in Siena

Don't get caught in one of the many tourist traps that Siena is full of - check out these great local foodie hotspots instead.

Image - La Prosciutteria Crudi e Bollicine
La Prosciutteria Crudi e Bollicine
Jessica:Not for vegetarians - but great if you want to try local meats and enjoy a huge selection of excellent wines.
Image - Osteria il Ghibellino
Osteria il Ghibellino
Jessica:The place to try the fat local spaghetti 'Pici'.
Image - Osteria del Gusto
Osteria del Gusto
Jessica:If you love eating seasonal food like fresh asparagus risotto, or porcini mushroom dishes - this is a great spot to visit.
Image - Senza scampo
Senza scampo
Jessica:Sienese local dishes served in a slightly old-school setting.


Siena is famous for its wonderful wines - make sure to taste the local drop.

Image - Tuscan Wine School
Tuscan Wine School
Jessica:If you would like to polish up your wine knowledge - this tour is a great way to experience the medieval tour of Siena on foot, tasting different wines and learning the differences that make one vintage better than another,
Image - Travelade Image
Villa Poggio Salvi
Jessica:This one is a little outside of Siena - near the village of Montacino (also worth a visit). If you DO have a car and want to visit a beautiful winery - this one has great wines and an excellent tour of the cantina.

My Recommendations

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  1. Pasticceria Pierini
  2. Pasticceria Buti Siena
  3. Pasticceria Costalpino
  4. La Prosciutteria Crudi e Bollicine
  5. Osteria il Ghibellino
  6. Osteria del Gusto
  7. Senza scampo
  8. My Tuscan Wine and Tours
  9. Tuscan Wine School
  10. Villa Poggio Salvi

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