NORTHIndia through my eyes

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NORTH India through my eyes

I visited 5 Places in North India namely Nainital, Bhimtal, Mussorie, Kashmir, Leh-Ladakh.Each place is different from the other.Different experience and food

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My Recommendations

Image - Nainital
Ummul:Its a Beautiful Hill station in Northern India, suitable for all ages. You will find amazing food, local market, Animal Park, Adventure activities. I loved the view that most of the Hotels offer. I am talking about the Lake View
Image - Bhimtal
Ummul:Bhimtal is a secluded place in Uttarakhand- North India. You will love walking miles and experience the rich beauty of what this place has to offer. Make sure to travel throught local transportation, they are safe and cheap. Take Share Cabs or Buses. Also since it is in the mountains, traveling in late hours on foot wouldnt be recommende
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Must Visit Cafe

Visit Eat Repeat

Image - Café Lakeside
Café Lakeside
Ummul:You will love the interior and the location and the music and the food. It has an outdoor and indoor seating. A view that outlooks the Nainital Mall road , Lake and the Mountains.The Indoor has a Fireplace.Most importantly its not expensive as it looks
Image - Alka The Lake Side Hotel
Alka The Lake Side Hotel
Ummul:It has a forest theme architecture. They serve amazing Indian Chinese and North Indian Cuisine. It is more sort of Dining place than Cafe.
Image - The Birdsong Cafe, Bhimtal
The Birdsong Cafe, Bhimtal
Ummul:This place is not on the main road but hey it is created with much love.You can grab a coffee and read books on their shelf, play board games or play guitar. You can spend some me time here

Stay here

Places where you can stay on a budget

Image - Country Inn Bhimtal
Country Inn Bhimtal
Ummul:The Hospitality and the proximity with restaurant and road is amazing. Once you step out of the hotel you will find transportation.You can actually walk on the road but ensure that you walk side ways because the place being on Ghats "Mountains" People drive at a fast speed
Image - The Palm Hotel
The Palm Hotel
Ummul:It is homestay plus hotel.The owner who was from the army stays next door. A budget stay and you good complimentary breakfast.


Activities that should be done when visiting Nainital- Bhimtal

Image - Kainchi Dham
Kainchi Dham
Ummul:Well, This place is visited by Steve Jobs, Mark zuckerberg while they were looking for guidance in the life and career. This is a Ashram located in the midst of forest and mountains. You will find places to stay nearby and you will expereince peace
Image - Nainital Lake Boat Point
Nainital Lake Boat Point
Ummul:Why not take an hour to go for boating in the lake ? You will see many fishes and Swans in the lake. Take a cool video or simply breathe while you boat
Image - Tibetan Market Nainital
Tibetan Market Nainital
Ummul:You will plenty of stuff to shop.This is the place to look for if you want to buy few items for your people back home

Wonderguide map

  1. Nainital
  2. Bhimtal
  3. Café Lakeside
  4. Alka The Lake Side Hotel
  5. The Birdsong Cafe, Bhimtal
  6. Country Inn Bhimtal
  7. The Palm Hotel
  8. Kainchi Dham
  9. Nainital Lake Boat Point
  10. Tibetan Market Nainital

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