Iguassu Falls

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Ivan Ulisses Piedrabuena

Iguassu Falls

If you look without seeing, earth is earth and nothing else

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My favorite experiences

Image - Puerto Jungle La GRAN AVENTURA
Puerto Jungle La GRAN AVENTURA
Ivan Ulisses:This is the best experience at the falls, if you come all the way till here, you must to do this.
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My favorite place to eat

Where you can enjoy life itself

Image - Restaurante La Rueda
Restaurante La Rueda
Ivan Ulisses:This is the oldest restaurant, you can find best local food with beautiful atmosphere. It really is an gastronomic experience

My Recommendations

Image - Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls
Ivan Ulisses:If you come to Iguazu, `course you come to visit The Falls, how do you do to get there? And What it the best way to visit it ? I highly recommend to go by bus if you are alone, or if you are a group you can share a taxi and is faster and maybe cheaper. Buses are leaving from the bus terminal, local side at gate 11. Every 20` and it cost about 6 USD round trip. One you get there, you must to buy the TKT, it cost about 15 USD. You go forward across the entrance and walk 400 meters till the Green Trail, that is a lovely trail trough the jungle to get to Cataratas Station, keep going and you will see a big withe tower that show you the beginning of the Lower Trail, you do that very early in the morning and you will avoid all big groups that are going with the train to the devils trough. “Lower Trail” takes about 2hs and you have some stairs, it is a lup so you finish where you start, then continue to “Upper Trail” that’s also 2 hours is all flat easy walk. Once you finish you can stop for some lunch, you can also bring from the city ‘couse is a bit spensive at the park. After lunch you go back to Cataratas Station and take the train to the main waterfalls that is “Devil Trough”. Train is included on the TKT. To go and come back you need about 2 hs. And once you finish if you want to come back at the very next day, you can get an stamp on your TKT and you get half percent of discount. You also have optional tours inside as the boat ride. It consist in a boat ride very close to the falls to get a big shower with all the power and energy that Iguazu has. It cost about 50 USD last 2hs and I really recommend, also take extra clothes!!!
Image - Lecker Public Bar
Lecker Public Bar
Ivan Ulisses:The best bar to chill out at the city
Image - Hostel Bambu
Hostel Bambu
Ivan Ulisses:This hostel is one of the first in town and it atmosphere is something that you will love, people who works there is so kind and they also have a resto bar with amazing food!!!
Image - Reserva Selva Iryapú
Reserva Selva Iryapú
Ivan Ulisses:You should have the Guarani Tourism Experience at Iryapu Reserv, it is close from downtown and you can get the by the local bus. The Guarani’s charge you about 4USD and you can visit with them the village, learn how they used to live, how they live today, in what they believe, and some traditions. I highly recommend the one that’s called Yasy Pora inside the reserve.
Image - Triple Frontier
Triple Frontier
Ivan Ulisses:The Three Border Landmark, it is an amazing place that you can walk. It is the place where Iguazu River join its waters into another big river called Parana. I recommend to walk in the sunset time, to see the 3 countries in one spot. Brasil in front of you and Paraguay on the left side.
Image - Jardin de los Picaflores
Jardin de los Picaflores
Ivan Ulisses:The hummingbird garden, is a beautiful place in town that you can visit, and enjoy this wonder of the nature, sit for a while and is a very cheap place. For those who like birds, you must to go there!
Image - La Aripuca
La Aripuca
Ivan Ulisses:Aripuca is a theme park, 1 hour tour and it cost about 2USD the TKT. I recommend to spend some time here, to learn it philosophy, how they see the world and why they create this. And also you must to trey the “Yerba Mate Ice Cream” that they have there, is very taste and only can find inside this area.
Image - Icebar Iguazu
Icebar Iguazu
Ivan Ulisses:Yep, Ice bar at Iguazu? That’s right, in the middle of this subtropical weather and hot summer you can spend some time at this spot, drink some caipiriñas and enjoy inside a place that is full of ice.
Image - GüiráOga
Ivan Ulisses:If you love wild, there is this place that is a sort of refuge of wild animals that they have some issues and the end there. You can visit this place in a 2 hours tour, entrence fee is about 3USD. And you can get there by the local bus.
Image - Feirinha Puerto Iguazú
Feirinha Puerto Iguazú
Ivan Ulisses:La Feirinha is a combination of Argentinean and Brazilian culture, it is as a local market, very unique. This is an amazing spot to have some cold beer and “picada” that is a typical food of the region.

Wonderguide map

  1. Puerto Jungle La GRAN AVENTURA
  2. Restaurante La Rueda
  3. Iguazu Falls
  4. Lecker Public Bar
  5. Hostel Bambu
  6. Reserva Selva Iryapú
  7. Triple Frontier
  8. Jardin de los Picaflores
  9. La Aripuca
  10. Icebar Iguazu
  11. GüiráOga
  12. Feirinha Puerto Iguazú

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