Ongoing Music Events in Reykjavík

No matter what day it is, there is always a great chance that you’ll find an exciting music event in Reykjavik during your stay. We chose some fantastic ongoing music events in the city that you should definitely check out when you are in town.

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Nína Þorkelsdóttir

24. September 2016

Monday: "Monjazz" at Húrra

Every Monday night at nine o’clock there is live jazz playing at the super hip club Húrra in downtown Reykjavík. The band plays until midnight creating a cozy atmospheare while the audience sit, chat and sip on some beer. Monjazzing in Húrra is a fabulous way to enter the week!

Where? Húrra, Tryggvagata 22

When? Mondays at 21:00

How much will it cost me? Not a thing, there’s no entrance fee.

Monjazz at Húrra
Photo: Þorsteinn Surmeli by Courtesy of Húrra

Tuesday: "KexJazz" at Kex Hostel

If last night left you craving for more jazz, you can find it at Kex Hostel. The hostel’s weekly jazz nights are a hit, both with locals and the tourists staying there.

Kex Hostel’s lobby is both a gastropub and a concert venue. The gastropub is called “Sæmundur í sparifötunum” which translates to “Sæmundur in his best clothes” and it is pretty damn good. They also serve a variety of local craft beer, a perfect accompaniment to the swinging jazz.

Where? Kex Hostel, Skúlagata 28

When? Tuesdays at 20:30

How much will it cost me? Not a thing, there’s no entrance fee.

Thursday: The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra at Harpa Concert Hall

The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra plays in Harpa every Thursday night during its season, which lasts from September to May. Renowed contuctor Yan Pascal Tortelier was recently appointed the orchestra’s chief conductor so the season ahead of us is quite exciting. The ISO has been doing great since the opening of Harpa.

The orchestra plays in the largest hall of Harpa, Eldborg, which has gained prestige for its elegant acoustics since it was inaugurated in 2011. If you are visiting Harpa during your stay, we highly recommend that you go to a concert. It is totally worth the time.

Where? Harpa concert hall

When? Thursdays at 19:30

How much will it cost me? The entrance fee ranges from 2,500 to 7,000 ISK (Approx $20-$60 at the time of this writing), depending on where you want to sit.

Icelandic Symphony Orchestra in Harpa Music Hall on Thursdays
Photo: Courtesy of Icelandic Symphony Orchestra

Saturday: Indie/experimental at Mengi

Mengi is a relatively new concert venue in Reykjavík focusing on experimental and creative music and arts. There are events going on there several times a week so if you are interested in exploring the underground music scene in Iceland (yes, there is so much more to the Icelandic scene than Björk and Sigur Rós) this is the place for you.

Mengi is small, which makes the musical experience more intimate and personal for the audience but it can be crowded at times.

Where? Mengi, Óðinsgata 2

When? Saturdays at 21:00

How much will it cost me? It depends on the event, but concert tickets are usually 2,000 ISK.

Experimental and Indie Music on Saturdays in Mengi, Reykjavik

Sunday: "SunnuDjass" at Bryggjan Brugghús

Bryggjan Brugghús is a fabulous restaurant down by the old harbour. Every Sunday they host a live jazz event where some of the most talented jazz musicians of Iceland show off their skills.

There is simply nothing nicer than listening to live jazz while wining and dining on Sunday night in Reykjavík. Every Sunday night should be like that.

Where? Bryggjan Brugghús, Grandagarður 8

When? Sundays at 20:00

How much will it cost me? Not a thing, there's no entrance fee.

SunnuDjass at Bryggjan Brugghús
Photo: Courtesy of Bryggjan Brugghús