Havarí Organic Farm Cafe in East Iceland

Havarí Organic Farm: A Hidden Gem in East Iceland

We all know the feeling of seeing a coffee sign in the middle of nowhere. However, this special coffee sign has something more too it. Although you feel like you’re isolated ― Havarí is a place in East Iceland that's surprisingly full of life.

Heiðdís Inga Hilmarsdóttir

27. February 2018

Amongst being a café, Havarí is also an organic vegetable farm, vegan-friendly restaurant, a cultural event- and concert venue and a hostel.

Berglind and Svavar, also known as the musician Prins Póló, moved from the city life of Reykjavík to the countryside in Berufjörður, making their dreams come true. The husband and wife bought an old farm a few years back and since then they have changed a cowshed to a food production, a sheep stable to a hostel and a barn to a café and music venue.

And oh, like that’s not enough, they also make Bulsur; a vegetarian replacement for hot dogs and Sveitasnakk; chips from their harvest. Not to mention they make the best hjónabandssæla (e. happy marriage cake) out there.

Havarí offers frequent concerts with Icelandic music, with well known musicians amongst local ones. The concerts are both very popular with tourists as well as the locals.

Organic Farm in Iceland

The incredible scenery allows you to take a walk to the beach visiting variety of birds and a small lighthouse or a hike up the mountains. If you’re lucky you might be able to grasp a few blueberries on the way. The landscape is quite amazing although you might get the chance to experience the powerful and notorious East Iceland fog.

The thing about Havarí isn’t that hard to put your finger on. Everything about it is an unique experience for the mouth, eyes and ears. The surroundings in harmony with innovation and culture makes the place like no other.

Organic vegetable hot-dogs
Lighthouse in Iceland
Local people at the farm