The Best Places to Do CrossFit in Iceland

A guide for travelers visiting Iceland that can't live without their CrossFit.

Fannar Guðmundsson

17. October 2017

CrossFit is a huge sport in Iceland. Four times, Icelanders have won the title of "the fittest on earth", which is quite remarkable concerning the fact that Iceland a nation of only 330.000 inhabitants. If you are planning a trip to Iceland and want to do crossfit while you're there then check out this list of crossfit boxes to train at.

1. Crossfit Hafnarfjörður

Crossfit Hafnarfjörður
Photo: Crossfit Hafnarfjörður/Facebook

Crossfit Hafnarfjörður is a great Crossfit box located in Hafnarfjörður, between Reykjavík and Keflavik. This is the place to train if you are looking for a Crossfit box with a friendly atmosphere and great facilities. This is the perfect spot to train if you are staying in Hafnarfjörður or in the greater Reykjavík area. The location of Crossfit Hafnarfjörður is optimal for travellers that want to do a WOD before or right after your flight.

The address for Crossfit Hafnarfjörður is:

Hvaleyrarbraut 41

220 Hafnarfjörður




2. Crossfit Reykjavík

A group of very fit people.
Photo: Crossfit Reykjavík/Facebook

Crossfit Reykjavík is the largest Crossfit box in Iceland, it has been claimed by some to be the largest Crossfit box in the world. This is the place where Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir have trained at. Annie is a co-owner at this box and can be seen frequently there. They have a great facility and lots of people that train there throughout the day.

The address for Crossfit Reykjavík is

Faxafen 12

108 Reykjavík




3. Crossfit Hengill

A man flexing his biceps.
Photo: Crossfit Hengill/Facebook
Crossfit Hengill is located in Hveragerði which is not far from the famous Golden Circle route. This is a cosy Crossfit box in the countryside and home to the legendary Björgvin Karl , the 3rd fittest man on earth. This is a nice detour for those who are driving the Golden Circle and feel like they need to perk up after spending hours in the car.

The address for Crossfit Hengill is:

Skólamörk 6

810 Hveragerði




4. Crossfit Akureyri

People exercising.
Photo:Crossfit Akureyri/Facebook

Crossfit Akureyri is a Crossfit box North Iceland's largest town, Akureyri . This is a nice box with friendly staff and good facilities. If you are traveling through northern Iceland this is the place to stop and unwind.

The address for Crossfit Akureyri is:

Njarðarnes 10

603 Akureyri