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Adventure Idea for Your Stay in Reykjavik: Buggy Tour around Mt. Esja

Are you keen on exploring the Icelandic landscape in a unique way? Did you get tired from hiking but still looking for an adventure during your stay in the capital? A buggy tour awaits you by the slopes of Esja Mountain, just half an hour from downtown Reykjavik.

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Dominika Kolomazníková

11. May 2018

Explore Mt. Esja just 30 minutes away from Reykjavik

Discovering the iconic Mt. Esja and its surroundings should definitely be on your bucket list during your stay in Iceland's capital. Hiking Mt. Esja is an ideal activity during the summer and extremely popular amongst the locals. If you decide to hike this mountain up on your own, there are several paths you can choose from which differ in length and difficulty. It is a perfect way how to spend a sunny day outdoor without traveling far from Reykjavik.

On the other hand, going on a buggy tour offers an untraditional way to get closer to this beauty of Reykjavik while having fun in a safe vehicle. A buggy tour in the Esja-area is a good alternative for an adrenaline-packed activity close to Reykjavik, which is entirely suitable for individuals, friends or families. Driving a buggy is very safe but at the same time it guarantees you to experience the best of this gorgeous area in Reykjavik’s vicinity in an authentic way. It is also a really good option for those who drive north from Reykjavik and feel like including some exciting activity in their journey. 

Mt. Esja and Reykjavik, Iceland.

Experience an adrenaline-packed adventure

As a real adrenaline seeker, I decided to try the buggy tour on my own. After getting picked up, we drove to the base camp of the operating company where we got important information about the tour, safety and buggies – lightweight vehicles usually used for driving on offroads. The guides were very professional and provided us with an excellent service during the whole tour. The operator equally provided us with all the essential equipment such as gloves, helmets, balaclavas, boots and water resistant overalls. Right after boarding our buggies, we drove straight under the slopes of Mt. Esja and other mountains in the area. The tour includes driving through gravel and mud roads as well as rivers and streams. On the way, we could admire some beautiful rhyolite mountains, colorful hill sides and cosy-looking local farms. We stopped on the way so we could have a short break, enjoy the view, take some pictures with the beautiful landscape and, most importantly, change the drivers. That way both passengers have the opportunity to try driving a buggy.

To be completely honest, I am not the best driver and usually do not really look for adventures that are connected with driving a vehicle. I do have a driving license and if the situation requires it, I can drive. However, driving is simply not my passion. That is the reason why I only enjoyed this experience as a passenger. On the other hand, I must admit that watching my buggy-mate driving, I do not think that is differs a lot from driving a car. All buggies were equipped with automatic transmission for driving ease and 4-points secure belt for safety. 

Buggies, driving over a shallow lake in Iceland.

Practical information 

Operation: All year

Duration: 2.5 hours (including pick-up, drop-off, instruction and 1 hour drive in the buggy)

Price: 22 000 ISK (including pick-up, drop-off from a chosen location in Reykjavik and all the essential equipment such as gloves, helmets, balaclavas, boots and water resistant overalls)


To drive the buggy you must hold a fully valid driving license or motorcycle license and be at least 17 year old. Passenger age limit is 6 years. 

What to bring

It is important to wear warm clothes under the overall and to bring some extra clothes to change after the tour. Even though you get a waterproof overall, make sure that you wear something you do not mind getting dirty or wet. 

A buggy driving on a rough terrain in Iceland.

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Going on a buggy tour is only one of many possibilities you have if looking for a funny activity departing from Iceland's capital. Wonderguide offers various tours which allow you to explore the Icelandic highlands with super jeeps, glacier hiking tours or even snorkeling between the continents. On top of that, snowmobiling tours are very popular as they guarantee an incredible experience on Icelandic glaciers. To get inspired, read my article on snowmobile tour on Langjokull glacier or my experience with surfing in the arctic waters. Also, do not forget to check the 5 best mountains to hike from Reykjavik!

I was invited to this tour, but this article is entirely based on my own thoughts and impressions.