Gourmet Restaurants and Street Food to Try in Iceland

The 5 Best High-End Restaurants for Treating Yourself in Reykjavik

After an adventurous jaunt around Iceland, it’s nice to celebrate your successful trip by dining out in one of Reykjavik’s most luxurious restaurants. Here are the 5 best high-end places to go if you’re not on a budget.

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James Taylor

14. July 2018

Over the past few years, the food scene in Reykjavik has evolved into something amazing. Shaking off the stigma that has circled Nordic cuisine for an age now, the restaurants around the city can hang with the best in the world. An exciting combination of the local fare with the unique ingredients found around the countryside are brought up to date with modern presentation and well-known flavours, making something truly special. This effortless blend of tradition with modernity at these 5 incredible restaurants will be sure to tantalise your tastebuds.


Iceland’s only restaurant with a Michelin Star, Dill is deservedly the crowning star when it comes to restaurants in Reykjavik, and as such tops off this list. The menu focuses on Nordic-style ingredients served to perfection in a cosy and intimate setting, and you’re able to choose how many courses you would like to try of their tasting menu. There’s not much more to say other than this is a meal that you won’t forget.

The Fish Market

Consistently mentioned in lists of top restaurants in Reykjavik for over 10 years now, The Fish Market hasn’t rested on its laurels. Constantly reinventing old dishes and creating inspiring new ones, this is without a doubt one of the best places to enjoy a luxurious meal after some time adventuring around Iceland. The sushi is consistently rated as some of the freshest and tastiest in the city, but the tasting menu is where this place really shines, taking you on a journey through the Icelandic food scene with great flair, presentation, and service.


UK celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was recently spotted in Reykjavik trying out one of the new additions to the restaurant scene, Sumac. But it’s not a big secret; this restaurant has quickly become a stellar addition to Reykjavik’s foodscape. In this establishment, flavours and spices from Africa and the Middle East, Moroccan and Lebanese in particular, are infused with locally sourced ingredients from around Iceland to create a truly unique experience and downright delicious food. In the classy interior, sharing the dishes is encouraged. Order up a feast with your friends and kick back to watch the chefs cook it all up in the large open kitchen behind the bar.


Nostra is another newcomer that has enjoyed a meteoric rise among the ranks of Reykjavik’s fine dining restaurants, now finding itself hovering somewhere near the top. Simple local ingredients are given the spotlight here, allowed to breathe on their own without being drowned in complex and over the top flavours. But the dishes are anything but simple; the meticulous attention to detail with each plate brings out a world of flavour with expert pairings and combinations of ingredients, taking you on a journey of flavours, scents, and textures, all with outstanding presentation.

Matur og Drykkur

Now famous for serving up a full chicken-flavoured cod’s head, Matur og Drykkur is a favourite with both the locals and visitors. But if you’re not enticed by the idea of a giant fish head staring up at you from the plate, rest assured that everything else on the menu is equally as inventive and exciting. Another restaurant that focuses on the beauty and understated Icelandic ingredients, the chefs here track down and scour through old recipe books from Icelanders, always on the lookout for new inspiration in the kitchen. A luxurious meal here is a sure-fire way to end your Icelandic trip with a bang.

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